Saturday, December 3, 2011


We took Tyson to see Santa last weekend. Thankfully, it wasn't as traumatic as last year. There was some initial apprehension, but once he realized that other kids sat on the fat man's lap, he was eager to climb up and check out the beard. It's possible that his eager beaver attitude was also due to the candy cane bribe Santa had in his hand. These days, there's not much our kid won't do when bribed with candy.

Our First Family Holiday

Let me start by saying we love our families and are lucky that they live near us. I’m thrilled that our kids will grow up having a close relationship with their extended family. Tyson already adores his Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny and Papas and I’m sure it has nothing to do with how spoiled rotten he is by all of him.

That said, holidays with the extended family and a toddler don’t always mix to create the most wonderful time of the year. It usually goes without saying that Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is going to be served smack in the middle of nap time. Packing to head over the river and through the woods results in us overstuffing our car with every piece of toddler gear we own and typically forgetting at least one crucial item. And while we always enjoy the time we spend with our families, we arrive back home exhausted and having to contend with an overtired and overstimulated two year old.

That’s why when we were found out we would be spending Thanksgiving at our own house with just the three of us, I secretly did a happy dance.

To prepare for the big day, there was lots of slaving away in the kitchen....

Thankfully, the hard work paid off with this wonderful spread:

Yep, all that food for THREE of us.  And when you consider that Tyson ate an apples, a bun, and a scoop of mashed potatoes you realize just how stuffed we were when we finished.

We missed our families, but we successfully prepared a wonderful meal, were able to sit down and eat it at a time that worked for Tyson and capped off the night with pumpkin pie in our PJs (with Tyson's Grandma Pat-extra special!). It was everything I imagined our first holiday with just our family would be and more. There’s a lot of responsibility in knowing that WE create the holiday traditions that our kids will remember year after year, but I’m happy to fill those big shoes be it with our extended family or at home with just the three (soon to be 4) of us.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Boy Bed

So, today this happened:

We've had his big boy bed set up for a few months now, but I've been delaying the inevitable assuming that the transfer would be long and hard for both of us. I pictured dragging him screaming into the bed, closing his door, listening to long hours of crying while he fought sleep in a new environment and finding him asleep on the floor next to the door. In reality, he asked to take his nap there this afternoon, he cried a bit when we first closed the door, but less than 20 minutes later we found him asleep in the bed.

Bed time was even smoother. (Knock on wood-I realize we have a full night ahead of us)

Part of me wants to jump for joy that the transition seems to be going so smoothly. The other part of me is ready to scoop him up and rock him to sleep again. It seems like just yesterday we put him in his crib for the first night. He fit the short way and each time I lay him down, I would rub his back and wait for his deep sighs and heavy breathing. Two years later I'm fighting back tears as I sneak into his big boy room and listen for the same things.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


With the recent turmoil and upheaval we’ve had in our house (you know due to that whole raising a two year old thing) I’ve neglected to find the time to mention our other big news….

Nope, I didn’t just finish eating Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, that is a baby bump.

Because the toddler is due to start yelling at me in any minute (did I mention his new favorite words are “No WAAAAAYY!”), I will highlight the important details and monumental moments of this pregnancy thus far with bullet points:

-I’m due March 1, 2012. 2012 is a Leap year. If I give birth on 2/29, and we assume she can’t date until her 16th birthday, she will actually be 64 by the time she goes on her first date. Daddy likes this plan.

- She. Yes, apparently it’s a girl. Ultrasound tech and Doctor seem convinced based on what they saw. I’m taking the I’ll believe it when I see it approach.

-She (assuming the doctor is right) is active. Like really, really active. Like I’m pretty sure she’s training for a triathlon in there. My bladder is totally not amused by this.

-She is most active at night. God save us.

-Tyson isn’t sure what to think of the whole having a baby sister idea. We recently bought him a doll. At first he gave the doll kisses and even held it appropriately. Soon after, he dropped kick the baby into his tent and told us to put it back. Again, God save us.

-I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. This makes getting dressed in the morning funny, humiliating and disgusting all at once. I feel bad for my co-workers.

-I haven’t killed my husband! Yet! (the first trimester had many a close calls)

-We’re not telling you the name until after she’s born. And if you don’t like the name when we tell you, too bad. Maybe she won’t like your name either.

-As of today, I’ve officially entered the third trimester. You can read that sentence any way you want, but what I meant was, OMG I’m going to have another baby in three more months. I haven’t done anything. What were we thinking? Didn’t we realize we’d have a toddler to contend with. We are idiots. And not ready. We’ll never be ready.

Needless to say, this Thanksgiving I feel I have many things to be thankful for. Two wonderful men in my life, a little girl on the way, a healthy family, a good meal, and a baby we will someday get to meet in heaven.

Hope you are feeling as blessed today as we are. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Party Like A Two Year Old

Birthdays are kind of a big deal. While I tend to get sentimental and sappy each year, I also hope that I do a damned good job of showing this kid just how much I love him and how awesome he is by giving him the best day ever.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this year?? Yeah, his birthday pretty much rocked...toot. toot.

We woke him up with presents, balloons, and donuts.  Because what two year old wouldn't want to be woken up with presents, balloons and donuts?

The morning was spent playing with his new toys and not wearing pants. Obviously.

After a much needed nap, we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese. Where I'm pretty sure he didn't have any fun.

And for a night cap? Chocolate cake and the "other milk" (chocolate milk).

For a thirty year old, I can throw a mean two year old party.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Dear Tyson,

Today marks the two year anniversary of the day I became a Mommy. Coincidentally, it also marks your second birthday. Strange how that happens, huh? I knew I wanted to be a Mommy when I was a little girl, but I had no idea just how wonderful, rewarding and challenging it would be until you. You made me a Mommy. I knew it would be great, but I had no idea how great YOU would be.

Your birthdays have become a sort of bitter-sweet symphony for me. While I love watching you delight in your presents and bask in the attention of our friends and family that love you so much, I have a hard time accepting that a year has flown by. A year where you have grown, changed, and developed into the little man that you are becoming. I wonder if I told you I loved you enough this year. Did I hug you enough? Give you enough kisses? I wonder if I should have put down what I was doing to play "choo-choos" more often. Was the house clean in sacrifice of time I could have spent cuddling with you? I know that the time will come when I can't carry you to bed anymore and feel your tiny head rest on my shoulder. I'm sure that someday you won't want your Mommy to hold your hand all of the time. And that you will soon prefer friends as playmates over Mommy and Daddy. It's inevitable. I just hope I'm doing my best to soak up all that is you in this moment.

I hope I remember that you are kind and caring. That you love to blow kisses and fold your hands to pray with us. I hope I remember that you make me smile. That you call Mickey "Boo" and your blanket your "Mayme." That you're quirky. You shout, "Pants off!" the second we get home in hopes of being able to run around in your diaper. And that you love to clean.  I hope I remember that your favorite food is macaroni and cheese and that you love bath time. Especially with bubbles. I hope I remember how you count, "two, three, nine, thirteen!" And that you like to play with puzzles. And that you hate the doctor. I hope I never forget the feeling I get when I pick you up from daycare and you come running to me. Or the overwhelming sense of peace I feel when I sneak in at night to see you sleeping.

Despite the fact that you continue to get older, you are and always will be my baby boy.  As you grow up, please remember that I will always be your Mommy. I may not be able to carry you to bed much longer, but I'll always have a shoulder for you to lean your head on and a hand for you to hold. I'll always be ready to play with you when you want and if you need someone to come running to, I will  be

I love you Tyson Daniel.

Happy 2nd Birthday!


Monday, October 31, 2011


The average person would assume that by the title of this post, they are preparing to read about something scary. It's October, close to Halloween and that seems appropriate, but in our house "Boo" is not something you shout to scare another person. It's something you shout when you want to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. Or when you see Mickey Mouse in a book. Or when you want your Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to sleep with. "Boo" in our house, is Mickey Mouse.

Weird, right?

We're not exactly sure how or why Tyson took to calling Mickey Mouse "Boo." He can say (and he does say) Minnie perfectly so we're pretty sure he can say Mickey as well. He just doesn't.

Thanks to Disney Jr, Tyson has a slightly unhealthy obsession with his "Boo."  And like any good parent of a two year old, we've completely bought into that unhealthy obsession.

Exhibit A-Tyson's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyson's 2nd birthday this weekend in in all out "Boo" bash complete with Mickey Mouse cupcakes, Mickey shaped cheese, Mickey ears, and hot dogs! Tyson was thrilled with all of the "Boo" gear and was lucky to have so many good friends and family help him celebrate his 2nd year.

Exhibit B-Halloween

Boo! (Get it?)

We're continually working on getting Tyson to correctly identify Mickey. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. When he sees multiple Mickeys, he yells, "Boos!" I worry that someone may soon think he's yelling, "Booze!" and call CPS on us.

Pumpkin Carving

I was under the assumption that pumpkin carving this year would be an epic experience for Tyson. I pictured him scooping the guts out with his hands and playing with it for hours. In reality, the experience was a bit different. It started out good...he dug right in to help us.

Unfortunately, some time soon after this picture I quickly realized that in the last two years I have succeeded in teaching Tyson nearly every one of my OCD tendencies.

Yes, that's Tyson cleaning up the pumpkin guts with a wipe while continually telling me "mess, Mommy!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THIS is Not Funny

Dear Tyson,

THIS is not funny. Giggle all you want, but seriously, kid? THIS is not at all funny.

I'm not sure if you realize it yet or not, but the whole turning two thing is already playing a number on my mental psyche. If you keep THIS up, I'm pretty sure I might end up in the mental hospital before November 5th. You and Daddy will have fun at Chuckie Cheese without me, right?

"What's THIS?" you ask. THIS is you using your tools tonight to help Daddy lower your crib.

We had to lower your crib since you can now CLIMB OUT OF IT. BY YOURSELF!

Last night (unbeknownst to me) you managed to crawl out of the safe haven that has housed you since you were a baby. You know-the crib that you have slept in since you were THREE DAYS OLD. Since you were a BABY.

I know we purchased you a big boy bed and are in the process of setting up your big boy room, but honestly? I'm not ready to have a big boy yet. And it's a perfectly good crib. And you've slept in it since you were three days old. And, please buddy, let's keep Mommy out of a mental hospital until after your birthday party, ok?



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Fall: Please Step It Up

Last week it was at least 80 degrees and sunny for 5 days straight. In October. In Minnesota. It's odd because I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of hell freezing over, but yet, it kinda was the same thing as hell freezing over. 80 and sunny for 5 days. In October. In Minnesota.

To be honest, I was kind of upset. Fall is my favorite season by far and Summer was really overstepping it's boundaries.

We had properly said our goodbye to summer in late September with what we assumed would be our last ice cream on the driveway.

I thought it to be a fond farewell. Lola also enjoyed it. Apparently summer thought differently.

Which was apparent last weekend when we took Tyson to get his pumpkin and I was sweating while wearing a tank top. Did I mention this was in October? In Minnesota?

Despite the heat and humidity (I mean, really??!), Tyson had a great time. There was a petting zoo (insert sarcastic "yay" here) which Tyson loved.

And a hay ride where the heat and humidity seemed to get the best of even Tyson's easy going temper.

And big open pumpkin fields where the sun beat down on us relentlessly while we searched for the perfect pumpkin.

I'm happy to report that we survived pumpkin picking without suffering a heat stroke. Tyson managed to puke all over himself on the way home, but I'm pretty sure this was related to the ample amounts of apple juice he was drinking to stay hydrated and not to the actual heat.

Thankfully, fall has heeded my warning and decided to step it up this week. It's 50 and sunny now and we're headed out to enjoy the brisk weather.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday-Gusties Will Shine Tonight

While he's always looked cute in his U of M Gopher gear and the Harvard onesie Nanny bought him was adorable, I'm pretty sure he'll be a Gustie when he grows up--- he's heard that's where all the smart kids go.

He looks pleased to follow in his Mommy's footsteps.

Friday, September 16, 2011

And We're Potty Training....

Seeing as how the two year mark is quickly approaching (someone hold me), we've decided to start loosely introducing Tyson to potty training. The kid already tells us when he's pooped, gets out diapers and wipes for us, and actually helps to wipe himself. I'm convinced that if we don't start the training now we'll end up buying Tyson diapers for the rest of his life-he'll just eventually start changing himself. I'm pretty sure a ten year old in diapers won't be cute. Even if he can change himself.

We've had the potty in his room since he turned 1 and he's actually been pretty receptive to it. He's eager to sit on it and claps for himself when he goes in it. He's gone pee in it twenty or more times and has even managed to poop on it twice. I checked and that qualifies him as a child prodigy. That said, I'm fairly sure that up until a few weeks ago any results we achieved were mere coincidences.

In an effort to vamp up the introduction to the potty, we created a potty chart for Tyson that now sits in his room next to the potty. I divided the chart into three sections so it will hopefully grow with him as we start to focus more and more on training. The first section is for peeing, the second is for pooping and the third is for staying dry during a nap/night. If Tyson successfully completes any of the above he gets a sticker to put on his chart. We had considered giving Tyson a small candy when he went, but found that most of his "successes" were coming at night-right before bed. Giving him candy before bed seemed like we were rewarding one battle, but creating another. I like sleeping, so, luckily for us, stickers are just as cool as candy in our house.

I've also made a concentrated effort to allow Tyson into the bathroom with me when I go. It's awkward to pee with a toddler watching you, but he does clap for me when I finish.

We decided to work potty time into our routine. For now, we are only opting to focus on the potty before bed and naps. If he asks to go other times we'll certainly let him, but we're only asking him to sit on it before bed and naps. We usually read books to him while he's sitting on it while constantly reminding him to put his pee-pee/poopy in the potty.

The results thus far?

Two stickers in two weeks. I realize that this doesn't seem like much, but I'm actually more proud of those stickers than any of the twenty mere coincidences he achieved prior to now. He finally seems like he understands what he's supposed to be doing when he sits on the potty. He focuses on trying to go rather than being surprised when he actually does.

After a few months of this, we plan on having a potty weekend devoted to full time training complete with books, big boy undies, constant sitting on the potty and rewards. I'll be sure to document this weekend so I can properly embarrass the crap out of Tyson when he gets older. Let's just hope the crap that I embarrass out of him ends up in a potty instead of a diaper by that time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Despite the recent lack of posts and what the below pictures might lead you to believe, we haven't fled the state to join a carnival. We also haven't purchased a petting zoo. Or a goat. If we start to seriously consider any of the above, I'll let you know in advance so you can buy stock in hand sanitizer and guarantee yourself an early retirement.

August was spent keeping Tyson entertained by letting him pet random animals. Dirty animals are like crack for a toddler. Honestly, if we would have let him, he could have stayed in any of the below places for hours. Possibly days. Next time we need a babysitter, I'm considering hiring a cow.

Our first stop was the MN Zoo. In the past, we've only taken Tyson to the Como Zoo-it's free, a bit smaller and easier to maneuver with a toddler, and oh, did I mention it's free? While the Como Zoo is nice, we were well aware of the difference the price of admission can make after spending the afternoon at the MN Zoo. The animals there didn't look sad (big plus for me). They also had interactive exhibits that allowed Tyson to pet barn animals and touch sharks. REALLY, we were able to TOUCH sharks. Daddy and I were equally as impressed as Tyson was.

Next, we visited the petting zoo at Woodbury Days. Petting zoos are odd. And kind of gross. Tyson was able to pet a chicken, a turtle, a goat, a cow, a lama, and a sheep. A few items to note about the petting zoo; the chicken and the turtle shared a coop/cage, the lama looked like it might not make it to the next stop, and the cow was "sleeping" for a really long period of time.

Finally, we made our annual mecca to the State Fair. The State Fair with an almost 2 year old was SO much more fun than the State Fair was with an almost 1 year old. Tyson was so enamored by everything we saw. And ate. He loved the cinnamon rolls for breakfast as much as he loved counting the pigs in the barn. And his smiley face chicken fingers were just about as much as watching the horsies run.

We have no future plans that involve goats, horses, or pigs. Tyson is a bit depressed. I'm breathing a sigh of relief and packing away the Purrell for awhile. Hopefully the down time will help me to be more timely with blogging. We've got a birthday approaching and I need to make sure the cuteness of this time is appropriately documented.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Friday-Kissin Cousins

It's bacccckkk....with possibly the world's cutest picture taken with only a little parental staging. Tyson and his cousin Tyler-easily the best of friends. We can only imagine the trouble these two will get into in the years to come.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Terrible Twos

I'm fairly certain we've entered the forbidden land of the terrible twos. It's a dark and scary place from which we're praying to emerge from soon and with relatively little scars to show for it.

Don't get my wrong-Tyson can still be as charming, precocious, and adorable as he's always been. It's just that he can also go from that charming cute little boy to one that's quite possibly possessed in less than the time it takes me to say, "wow." Please note, "wow" is a one syllable word. It's also only three letters long.

I present to you the evidence:

Exhibit A-morning wake up

Me: Morning Buddy!

Me: Did you have a good night sleep?

Me: I missed you while you were sleeping. Did you miss me? (yes, I realize I'm walking into this one)

Me: Let's get up and get our clothes on.
Him: NOOOO! NOOO! NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOO! ::insert screaming, crying and fit throwing::

Exhibit B-dinner time

Me: Time for dinner buddy
Him: NO!

Me: Let's eat.

Me: Tyson we have to eat to grow big and strong.

Me: If you don't want to eat, you still need to sit at the dinner table with Mommy and Daddy. Him: NOOOO! DONE!!! NOOO! DONE!!! ::insert screaming, crying, and fit throwing::

Perhaps the above are only examples at our failing parental skills, but those same skills that send the kid into fits one day seem to work surprisingly well the next. Confusing, no?

We introduced time outs a few months ago, however, this too may be an example of failed parenting skills. Yesterday when I told him that we don't hit Lola and if he did it again he'd go to timeout, he happily ran to our time out area, sat down, and started counting his toes. Seriously. The kid put HIMSELF into timeout and COUNTED HIS TOES.

I've heard that three is actually harder than two. For that reason alone, I'm considering putting a down payment on a room at the local mental hospital just in case I need to put myself in a timeout during the next couple of years. If you see me in the corner counting my toes, please feel free to drive me there.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Vacays

I've had really good intentions of writing a big post about our first summer vacation. It happened well over a month ago, which, to the general population probably seems like ample time to type up a few words and edit some pictures. It seems that raising a 20 month old has gotten in the way of the whole ample time thing.

Last weekend we went on our second summer vacation and it's now officially driving me nuts that neither trips are appropriately documented.

Tyson loved both trips and (luckily for my sanity) he's getting easier and easier to travel with. We managed 4 three plus hour car rides with little to no screaming (Praise God and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

The first vacation was to a cabin on Long Lake, MN where Tyson fished for the first time, played in the sand, rode a paddle boat, visited his first flea market, and hung out with his Great Grandmas and Grandpas. The cabin was amazing and we're hoping Nanny and Papa make it an annual tradition.

Ahh, now THIS is the life.

This is what all the hype was about? I don't even like the taste of fish. Can I go back and play in the sand?

Seriously lady-haven't I told you before how ridiculous you look when you point at the camera? I realize we're taking a picture. I know where to look. I'm practically two.

The second vacation was to Duluth, Two Harbors, and Gooseberry Falls. The kid is well traveled-his second trip to Duluth in less than two years! Tyson had a blast throwing rocks, chasing birds, playing with this cousins, climbing on waterfalls, and swimming. Side note- throwing rocks? Easily the only activity that can keep my son occupied for more than 15 minutes. If it was socially acceptable and less dangerous, I'd probably carry around rocks in our diaper bag for him to throw while we are out to eat. It's possible that would allow me to eat a full meal without wrestling a toddler back into his highchair every ten minutes.

Mommy, come check this out! They have beaks that could peck my eyes out and I'm chasing THEM!

Dad? Did you know there's a giant shower behind us?

Honestly? You guys should try this out. Throwing rocks is waaay more fun than fishing.

I'll give you a kiss if you'll put me down. Look at all those rocks waiting for me to throw them!

The proof is in the pictures. Vacations were awesome this summer. I'm loving the memories we're creating for Tyson and hoping he's having as much as we are.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Friday-4th of July Edition

We had quite the holiday weekend! Pools, boats, Popsicles, parades, sprinklers-oh my! I'm pretty sure we crammed every summer bucket list item into one weekend. By Monday night we were all exhausted.

A few of my favorite photos from the weekend:

I've zoomed in on Tyson's expression in this photo several times and still can't decide if it's a look of pure terror or pure excitement.

Tyson's first parade. He loved that everyone was waving to him. Complex, maybe?

We all got into the sprinkler action which had to be extremely entertaining for the back yard neighbors.

Pretty convinced he's contemplating his escape so that he can swim in the "pool." I should note that every body of water larger than his bath tub is a pool.

Hope you had as good of a 4th as we did!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Friday-Lola

This is my four legged kid, Lola (Lala to the interwebs). She had her annual check up today where she endured two shots and one big blood draw. Both were accomplished with no kicking, hitting, screaming, or crying. The vet was able to check her eyes, ears, and mouth without any physical restraint. When we left, no one in the waiting room stared. She didn't scream the entire way out of their office. I didn't come home and immediately pour myself a large glass of wine.

I'm thinking the next time, I'll take Tyson next time so he can take notes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Can't Help Myself

Dear Tyson,

I stopped doing monthly letters when you turned 18 months old because I figured you and/or other people were probably getting bored with them. I mean you’re cute and smart, right? But you heard the same drill last month. You don’t need to get a big head about it. I made a pact with myself that the 18th month letter would be the last monthly letter I would write. For future reference, my pact did still allow annual letters to you and there was no limit to how long they could be.

Sticking with my pact, I didn’t write a 19 month letter. And then I regretted it. Big time. So, while official monthly letters are now a thing of the past, I can’t guarantee I won’t do a 21 month 3 day letter if the desire so strikes. And while you/other people might be bored, I’m afraid that six years from now I won’t remember the first time you said, “pease” or when you used to call Mickey Mouse “Boo” and for that reason alone, I’m writing a 19 month, 1 day letter. I’ll thank myself later.

The following are the ridiculously cute things you’re up to this month:

-Please and Thank you. You say them both! Like this: “peaaase” and “dankooo.” You also say them without being prompted! Sometimes you say them to the clerks at the store after they check us out, or to Mrs. Beth as we leave daycare, or to Mommy and Daddy when you want something. It’s without a doubt the cutest noise that comes out of your mouth.

-Blowing Kisses. Remember how I said I was pretty convinced I that I had taught you the fast track way to wind up on 16 and Pregnant? While you still love to give everyone and everything kisses at bedtime, your also newly enamored with blowing kisses to everyone and everything. That clerk that you said “dankoo” to? You also blew her kisses. The giant M&M dispenser at the store? You blew it kisses. The park? Blowing kisses every time we pass it.

-Blue. If we ask you what color something is, you tell us “blue.” It’s a great trick at parties when whatever we’re pointing to is actually blue. If it’s red, though, you still say blue.

-Eight. You also say “eight” when we ask what number this is. Again, great trick if it’s actually an eight. If it’s four, though, you still say eight.

-Three. That’s how old you are according to you.

-Done. You recently have had some huge temper tantrums discussions with us at the dinner table. Apparently when you are done eating, you’d like to get down immediately, run to the stairs, get your greasy dirty hands all over our (newly painted) walls and scream “BATH!” until we prematurely stop eating and take you to get a bath. I’m happy to report that after our discussions, you are now working on asking us each if we’re done before we get down from the table. “Mama, done? Dada, done? Ty, done?” It’s a much nicer way to end our dinner than listening to “BATH BATH BATH”

-Owie. You had your first scraped knee. Two little scrapes on the knee. We cleaned it up and put on a bandaid. You were really proud of your owie. You showed anyone who asked. You also showed some people who didn’t.

-Boo. You call Mickey Mouse boo. We have no clue why.

-Yes and no. You nod your head yes now when you want to say yes. It usually requires a lot of concentration, but the end result is oh so cute. You’re “no” has turned into “nooooo” said in a sing song/whiny voice. It’s not really oh so cute.

Remarkable, right? See why I couldn’t pass this month up?

You’re an amazing little boy-full of love, charm, and humor. I am lucky to be your Mommy and right now you are calling me to help you find more Boo.

Happy 19 months, 18 days little guy!



Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photo Friday-What's Wrong With This Picture?

Despite what Dan might want you to believe, I don't typically vacuum in a 1950ish dress and, despite what previous pictures might lead you to believe, we usually dress Tyson in more than a diaper. Also, this is not child labor. And my dog is attacking the vacuum. And Tyson is screaming, "NO NO Lala!"

So, that's a typical Thursday.

Friday, June 10, 2011


May was when we were supposed to have found out that Tyson would have a little sister. A fact that we instead learned through genetic testing completed after our D&C. A little girl. A complete family.

May was when we received our bill for the hospital with a line for the above genetic testing billed as an autopsy.

May was when we planned to decorate our little girl's room. We had debated getting a new glider and worried that they were too expensive. Instead of purchasing the new glider, I sadly wrote out a check for our hospital bills.

May was when I should have started wearing maternity clothes and happily showing off my baby bump. I found myself cringing when my cousin who was due a week earlier than us posted pictures of her (ridiculously cute and small) baby belly on facebook.

May was when my sister-in-law had a perfect and healthy baby boy. I worried that I wouldn't be able to hold him as I would be missing our little girl.

May was hard.

But June will be better.

Last week, we planted a tree in memory of our baby. A "girly" tree-one that will flower in the spring and turn deep red in the fall. A tree that we will watch grow to be big and beautiful, just like our little girl would have been.

The tree was closure that I needed. As was getting past the May milestones. There will be other hard days and other hard months, but I know that I will be ok. I know that our little girl is ok. She is loved. She is missed, but she is remembered every day.

Photo Friday

We took Tyson down to see Nanny and Papa's boat last Saturday. He LOVES boats and is quick to point each and every one out as we drive. Similar to birds. A lot of my life is spent saying, "Yes, Tyson that is a bird." Or, "Yes, Tyson that is a boat." If you ever want to know if you're looking at a bird or a boat, you should really ask me. I'm well versed.

Needless to say, the boat visit was well received by the toddler. We'll be back soon!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo Friday-They'rrree Back!

Last week at Target I spotted the denim clad box from afar, but good sense won out. I stuck faithfully to our cost efficient Up & Up diapers despite the denim cuteness that taunted me from the shelf. I was proud of myself.

This Wednesday, I received Huggies coupons AND Target coupons in the mail. Then the skies opened up and angels sang.

On Thursday, I happily purchased our one box summer allotment(unless more coupons arrive of course) of the Huggies Denim Diapers.

They are just as adorable as I remember.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Friday-Too Stinkin Cute

Words cannot explain how much I love this kid.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Possibly I May Have Turned My Child Into a Male Whore

Two months ago, Tyson responded to "Give Mommy a kiss!" by sticking (ok, slapping) his hand up to my mouth and letting me kiss it. I'm pretty sure his confusion stemmed from my desire to teach him to blow kisses at a young age. That said, people were a little taken a back when they asked for a kiss and received a hand slap to the mouth.

In a desire to curtail this social faux pas, we've worked really hard at learning how to give kisses the correct way.

Perhaps this was my first mistake. What mother works hard at teaching her son to give kisses? I can see his "16 and Pregnant" reality show now.

He was a fast learner. Within a month he had the gentle head tilt and kissing noise down pat. He would eagerly give us kisses bye-bye. I die of cuteness. He would give Grandmas and Grandpas their long awaited kisses with ease. They die of cuteness. And we would spend our entire night time routine saying "nigh-nigh" and giving more kisses. I die again.

A few weeks ago, he started asking for Lola during our night time routine. She would come running and he would bend down to gently give her a kiss through his crib rails. I die and go immediately to heaven

Last week, during our night time routine, between his kisses to Mommy and Daddy he bent down and gave his Ellie and Mickey kisses too ( Ellie and Mickey are his blankies that he sleeps with every.single.night. He carries them EVERYWHERE he can and he makes a mad dash to them each time we arrive home-they really should be a whole other post). Considering it's conceivable that he might love Ellie and Mickey more than Mommy and Daddy, kissing them was only appropriate and again, undeniably cute.

This week, during our night time routine, he has barely acknowledged that Mommy and Daddy were even in the room. Much of his time has been spent kissing Ellie, Mickey, his stuffed cow, his glow worm that plays his night time songs, the animals around his crib guard, the stuffed monkey on his rocking chair and even his blanket. Rinse and repeat. The kid spends more time making out with the items in his crib than I do with his Daddy.

Next week I'll probably see him copping a feel on the stuffed cow.

It's possible I may have turned my child into a male whore, but at least he can now kiss properly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Friday-18 Month Tractor Shots & VIdeo!

Many of you know that we've been taking a picture of Tyson on his John Deere tractor every month since birth. We are not farmers nor do we wish we were. Neither of us has a strange affinity for John Deere. In fact, we despise the John Deere colors (hello, packer fans). That said, each month we have faithfully taken a picture of Tyson laying, then sitting, and then standing next to his John Deere tractor. It's become one of my favorite ways to measure his growth and remember what a little tiny baby he was just a few short months ago.

This month we FINALLY brought the tractor outside and realized that not only can he stand next to the John Deere, he can DRIVE the John Deere.

I guess that's what 18 months can do. Someone help prop me up before I realize what 18 years will do.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Photo Friday

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades....