Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mila's Birth Story

At 37 weeks pregnant, I was ready to serve your eviction notice. Yes, I was well aware that it was best for you to stay put for as long as possible. I was also well aware of the 2 hours of sleep I received each night, the false labor I had been experiencing since week 35, the back pain that made it difficult to walk/sit/stand/lay down, and the increasingly ridiculous swelling that was making my ankles appear to be the same size as my thighs.
I was done. I wanted to meet you. I wanted to  see your sweet face. I wanted to know if you’d look like Tyson. I wanted to hold my little girl in my arms.

Apparently, you had other plans.  While I tried nearly every natural labor inducer known to man-walking, spicy food, eggplant parmesan, a pedicure, jumping jacks, lunges, cleaning the floor, walking, nesting, more walking,-you decided you would hibernate for as long as possible.

Even in the womb you were uncooperative. I can’t wait for your teenage years.

At 39 weeks, 1 day, just when I had convinced myself you were planning on staying in-uterus until you turned 17, I again woke up at midnight with painful but inconsistent contractions.  Deciding it was more false labor, I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up to much more intense, but still not consistent contractions. And blood (yep, I went there).

As I tried to sleep,  Daddy took it upon himself to call the hospital.  While he uttered, “I think my wife is going to have our baby today,”  I yelled in the background, “ WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?! Why are you calling the hospital! I’m supposed to call the hospital! I think I would know if I was having the baby today!” 

Side bar-Obviously, Daddy did survive your birth, but I can’t promise that he came out unscathed.

30 minutes later, after getting up and trying to fold laundry between worsening contractions, I sucked up my pride and asked Daddy to call his Mom so we could, “ahem…go to the hospital to just see what’s going on…not that I’m going to have her today…ahem…”

Grandma Pat arrived around 5.  We packed the car, kissed Tyson goodbye and made the 30 minute drive through light snow. Not wanting to break tradition, Daddy drove around the parking lot for at least 10 minutes trying to find the best place to park.  

We checked in at the hospital with the nurse that Daddy had spoken to on the phone. After possibly providing Daddy with packets on spousal abuse while I wasn’t looking, she led us to labor and delivery and admitted us into the same room Tyson was born in.

THE. SAME. ROOM. Hello, Fate? If you weren’t getting the message today, I was going to start looking into how to enroll you in Drivers ED classes in-utero. Because, clearly.

I was checked for the first time shortly after 6:30.  When the delivery nurse announced I was at a 6, I almost made out with her. A 6 meant we were being admitted to the hospital! A 6 meant we would meet you sometime soon! A 6!

Praise baby and regular size Jesus! We can cancel the in-uterus Drivers Ed classes.

The plan was to order the epidural, let the hospital complete their shift change at 7:00, break my water at 8:00 and have a baby by the end of the morning. I like plans. I loved this one. Contractions with you were strong, but not on top of each other like I had experienced with Tyson. I knew I went fast with him so I kept that in the back of my mind. I thought I could endure the pain for a short amount of time and even considered going natural. In the end, Daddy ordered the epidural for me because he was afraid of what words I would yell at him without pain meds.

Drugs! Saving our marriage one baby at a time!

The anesthesiologist was a reincarnate of Dr. McDreamy (I realize you’ll have no idea who this is, but google it-trust me, you’ll thank me later.)  I tried to make conversation with him while he poked a five inch long needle into my back and got a bird’s eye view of my butt crack.  I’m sure he was impressed.

While the epidural worked it’s wonders, the nurses let us be and Daddy and I cried in our little hospital room. A part of me was worried that the your birth wouldn’t be as miraculous as Tyson’s, but I think I realized in that moment that the miracle of birth is that much more amazing when you’ve experienced it once before already. I knew this day was going to change my life forever. I knew my heart was going to grow the minute I saw your little face. I knew the way my breath would catch when they put you on my chest for the first time. I knew it and I could hardly wait.

The nurse broke my water at 8:00 and the contractions started to come fast and strong soon thereafter. Thanks to your Daddy and Dr. McDreamy,  I couldn’t feel any of them.  As the nurses set up the room for delivery, Daddy and I made phone calls to let everyone know this is it. Daddy also took pictures.  Here’s the obligatory picture of the delivery supplies. For reasons yet to be discovered, Daddy finds these items fascinating and has taken pictures of them with both babies.

SERIOUSLY. What is the fascination here? "And look kids, here's the bowl where they placed all the bloody stuff after you came out."

At 8:15, the doctor entered our room to introduce himself. He and the nurse started a 20 minute conversation about who knew who in the hospital. At 8:35, I politely interrupted them by saying, “I THINK I NEED TO PUSH!”

And push I did. Three times to be exact. The same number of times I did with Tyson.

At 8:50 AM, on Friday, February 24th, as Daddy said, “She’s really a girl!”  you were placed on my chest for the first time. My heart grew, my breath caught, and I marveled at the new perfect little we had created.
For the record, my first words to you were, “You’re beautiful!” And, you are.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo Friday

Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Months

Dear Mila,

Today you are 4 months old. I’m struggling to come to grips with the fact that 4 months have passed since I snuggled your little body for the first time. You no longer look like that tiny wrinkly being  I marveled at. You are a full blown baby. You have beautiful long eyelashes and a ridiculously cute grin. You have chubby cheeks and cute little rolls on your legs.  You give small little belly laughs and stare at me with these big blue eyes. Each time I look at you I am amazed that I could make something so beautiful.

Parenting you is already so different. Tyson thrived on schedules and routines. By four months, he was down to a strict two nap a day schedule, ate 8 ounces every 4 hours and went to bed like clockwork at 7 PM. He was a good baby, but if we veered too far off of his schedule, he was very VERY quick (and very VERY loud) to let us know he wasn't having it. He woke up crying and typically HAD to cry for a minute or two before falling asleep.

You are waaay more easy going and well versed in rolling with the punches. Naps are never longer than 45 minutes but can be taken in just about any place or setting. There is no huge sign you are tired/hungry/need to be changed as your “cry” is typically just a whimper.  You fall asleep silently and wake up smiling. Daddy and I joke that you are often easy to forget about as you are ALWAYS content.

AND…now for the bad news….You’re not sleeping through the night. Unfortunately this disqualifies you from any perfect baby contest we were contemplating enrolling you in. Tyson was sleeping through the night at this point. In a few years when sibling rivalry hits hard, I’m going to remind you of this. Each and every day.

Tonight, you will celebrate your 4 month birthday with your first taste of cereal! And, inevitably, I will end up crying over how fast this is going (again).

Happy 4 Month Birthday, little Mimi!

We love you so very much,


Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I love this.

I love lying in bed waiting for them to get up. I love tip toeing to let the dog out.  I love the way she squeaks for us to come and get her. I love that he needs his Mommy in the morning.  I love the ridiculous headbands that match her cute little dresses. I love his light up tennis shoes that I swore I would never buy.

I love morning walks. I love PB &J picnics. And the park. I love the way he kicks his legs to move the swing. I love the chaos. I love watching her try to roll over. Trying to make her laugh.

I love the look of a baby on my husband’s shoulders.  I love the look of a toddler on my husband’s shoulders. I love the give and the take. The shared glances. Date night. I love the way he loves them. I love the way he loves me.

 I love packing a diaper bag with everything we own. I love that I am tired. I love how busy we are when we are doing nothing.

I love that she’s content and happy. I love that he’s funny and shy.

I love hearing him say I lub you. I love kissing owies to make them all better.  His little hand folded so perfectly into mine. The way she looks at me.

I love nap time. I love the way she feels in my arms. The way she burrows her head and folds her hands when she’s sleeping. The quiet. The way he wakes up and wants to cuddle.

I love puzzles and coloring and games. I love that I can always find a rubber ducky in our bath tub and a block under the couch. I love the messes that I can’t keep up with.

I love family dinners and family walks. Bonfires. The pool. I love watching him help Daddy with chores. Watching him throw a baseball. Watching him ride his bike.

I love rocking her to sleep. The way she smells after bath. Her soft sleep sack. I love listening to him pray. Butterfly kisses. One more hug. I love the sound of their heavy breathing.

I love this. I just really love this.

Zoo & Blue Goo

Know what I love? I love that having a toddler officially gives me an excuse to push ourselves to front of the line at each exhibit at the zoo. Without kids I had to stand my 5’3” self in the back row and look at the heads of the monkeys as they bobbed around. With kids I’m able to politely push us to a prime viewing location. And know what? The monkeys have bodies! It’s these little perks that make parenthood worthwhile.

Anyways….a few weeks ago Nanny and Papa helped me take the kids to the zoo.  I needed the help as I brought with our school bus(aka the double stroller) and neither kid rode in it for almost the entire two hour time we were there. Pushing around a school bus while carrying a newborn and herding a toddler is as much fun as it sounds. We could have easily been the best exhibit at the zoo if it weren’t for the help I had from Nanny and Papa.

Tyson loved every minute of it. The penguins and seals were his favorite animals. He also enjoyed eating the most ginormous scoop of “Blue Goo” ice cream I have ever seen. Yes, I let my child eat ice cream called “Blue Goo.” No, I have no idea what was in it. I don’t think I want to know.

Unfortunately,  Mila is still too little to enjoy looking at caged animals. She also missed out on the “Blue Goo” ice cream. She did, however, nap for most of the time we were there. On me, not in the bus, obviously.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Friday-Swing Over This Way!

We have been frequent visitors at our local parks lately. The weather has been perfect and Tyson is at the age where parks are the best thing to have ever inhabited the earth.  He thanks God for the parks every night. Even if we didn’t make a trip there that day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Slippery Fish

Tyson’s favorite song right now is “Slippery Fish.” We listen to it ALL. THE. TIME. If you’re unfamiliar with this gem, check out YouTube. There are at least 100 videos of various people singing it-some complete with creepy handmade animation.

For the record, I find this song really enjoyable.  It’s totally not making me want to pull out my hair and plug my ears with fire wood at all.

That said, Tyson has turned into his own slippery fish since the start of summer.

Last summer he was a hang out on our hip, kick a little bit on the steps kind of swimmer. He would blow bubbles and wasn’t afraid of getting his face wet, but he just didn’t get the whole kick and scoop to stay afloat deal.

This summer we strapped on some water wings and voila! He swims! Like a slippery fish! Oh don’t you worry, he sings the song while swimming too.

He used to cling to us in the pool and now all we hear (besides the Slippery Fish song) is, “Don’t hold me! Don’t touch me! No, I do it!” Super pleasant.

I am so proud of my little fishy. Clearly, by this winter he’ll be ready for the swim team just like his Mommy.

Mila & Daddy-1, Mommy-0

Daddy: I bet Mila has good enough head control now to sit in her excersaucer.

Me: Nope, she’s too little.  Look at her, she’s teeny tiny. Much too little for that big thing. She’s a peanut.

Mila: Let me at that thing, lady. Toys! Balls! Bright things! Put me in there! Put me in there! PUT ME IN THERE!

Daddy: I’m going to put her in there.

I lose, again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Friday

For the past six months, Tyson and I have been attending our local Early Childhood Family Education Drop In & Play Class. 

Yes, that means that for the last three months since Mila's birth, I dutifully crammed a small house into our diaper bag and hauled corralled a toddler and a newborn in to a public place once a week.  

Yes, I realize I am certifiably crazy. 

Honestly, though? It has been totally worth it. Tyson has grown leaps and bounds since we started attending the class. He looks forward to it each week, knows  the songs we sing there by heart, and proudly displays his artwork we make each week at home.

"School," as we call it, is over for the season, but we're already counting down the days until it starts up again next year.