Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Months

Dear Mila,

Today you are 4 months old. I’m struggling to come to grips with the fact that 4 months have passed since I snuggled your little body for the first time. You no longer look like that tiny wrinkly being  I marveled at. You are a full blown baby. You have beautiful long eyelashes and a ridiculously cute grin. You have chubby cheeks and cute little rolls on your legs.  You give small little belly laughs and stare at me with these big blue eyes. Each time I look at you I am amazed that I could make something so beautiful.

Parenting you is already so different. Tyson thrived on schedules and routines. By four months, he was down to a strict two nap a day schedule, ate 8 ounces every 4 hours and went to bed like clockwork at 7 PM. He was a good baby, but if we veered too far off of his schedule, he was very VERY quick (and very VERY loud) to let us know he wasn't having it. He woke up crying and typically HAD to cry for a minute or two before falling asleep.

You are waaay more easy going and well versed in rolling with the punches. Naps are never longer than 45 minutes but can be taken in just about any place or setting. There is no huge sign you are tired/hungry/need to be changed as your “cry” is typically just a whimper.  You fall asleep silently and wake up smiling. Daddy and I joke that you are often easy to forget about as you are ALWAYS content.

AND…now for the bad news….You’re not sleeping through the night. Unfortunately this disqualifies you from any perfect baby contest we were contemplating enrolling you in. Tyson was sleeping through the night at this point. In a few years when sibling rivalry hits hard, I’m going to remind you of this. Each and every day.

Tonight, you will celebrate your 4 month birthday with your first taste of cereal! And, inevitably, I will end up crying over how fast this is going (again).

Happy 4 Month Birthday, little Mimi!

We love you so very much,


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