Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Slippery Fish

Tyson’s favorite song right now is “Slippery Fish.” We listen to it ALL. THE. TIME. If you’re unfamiliar with this gem, check out YouTube. There are at least 100 videos of various people singing it-some complete with creepy handmade animation.

For the record, I find this song really enjoyable.  It’s totally not making me want to pull out my hair and plug my ears with fire wood at all.

That said, Tyson has turned into his own slippery fish since the start of summer.

Last summer he was a hang out on our hip, kick a little bit on the steps kind of swimmer. He would blow bubbles and wasn’t afraid of getting his face wet, but he just didn’t get the whole kick and scoop to stay afloat deal.

This summer we strapped on some water wings and voila! He swims! Like a slippery fish! Oh don’t you worry, he sings the song while swimming too.

He used to cling to us in the pool and now all we hear (besides the Slippery Fish song) is, “Don’t hold me! Don’t touch me! No, I do it!” Super pleasant.

I am so proud of my little fishy. Clearly, by this winter he’ll be ready for the swim team just like his Mommy.

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