Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zoo & Blue Goo

Know what I love? I love that having a toddler officially gives me an excuse to push ourselves to front of the line at each exhibit at the zoo. Without kids I had to stand my 5’3” self in the back row and look at the heads of the monkeys as they bobbed around. With kids I’m able to politely push us to a prime viewing location. And know what? The monkeys have bodies! It’s these little perks that make parenthood worthwhile.

Anyways….a few weeks ago Nanny and Papa helped me take the kids to the zoo.  I needed the help as I brought with our school bus(aka the double stroller) and neither kid rode in it for almost the entire two hour time we were there. Pushing around a school bus while carrying a newborn and herding a toddler is as much fun as it sounds. We could have easily been the best exhibit at the zoo if it weren’t for the help I had from Nanny and Papa.

Tyson loved every minute of it. The penguins and seals were his favorite animals. He also enjoyed eating the most ginormous scoop of “Blue Goo” ice cream I have ever seen. Yes, I let my child eat ice cream called “Blue Goo.” No, I have no idea what was in it. I don’t think I want to know.

Unfortunately,  Mila is still too little to enjoy looking at caged animals. She also missed out on the “Blue Goo” ice cream. She did, however, nap for most of the time we were there. On me, not in the bus, obviously.

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