Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He's Definitely His Father's Son

Mommy Says:

When I met Daddy I was under the impression that he was perfect. Then I discovered his vacuum obsession. We have 7. At one point the count was in the double digits. I had to convince him that we had no need for the sweeper vacuum that they use at movie theaters. Also, 4 shop vacs are not necessary no matter how many cars you have.

We frequent the vacuum aisle at Target and Walmart looking for the next best vacuum to add to his collection. We got a Swiffer Sweeper vac for our wedding and I'm pretty sure he was happier about this than he was when I said, "I do."

I've come to grips with his vacuum obsession. I've possibly even gained a fond affection for it. I'm not, however, ok with him passing along this obsession to Tyson.

But, he has.

Our child is OBSESSED with vacuums. He knows the closet where most of them are kept and he will stand there banging on it yelling "VA!" When we indulge his obsession and open the closet door he can sit on the floor for nearly 30 minutes staring at it in a trance.

When I vacuum the house, he follows me around smiling and clapping.

We take him to the vacuum aisle at Target and Walmart and his mouth drops open in awe.

Our child is OBSESSED with vacuums. I'm worried, but at least I know he's his father's son.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Mommy Says:

The first big snowfall of the season came yesterday and we embraced it. Heck, we welcomed it with open arms.

This better be good. I've got 6 layers on and you look ridiculous Mommy.

All 3 of us bundled up to reintroduce Tyson to the snow.

This was the hype? As soon as I get out on my own, I'm moving to Florida.

We even broke in the new sled.

Really? We spent more time getting dressed to go outside than we actually spent outside.

Welcome back, Winter. We missed you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

He's OLD.

Mommy Says:

Did you know that my baby has been a year old for one week? I'll try not to be melodramatic or anything, but seriously? I have a ONE YEAR OLD. It seems that everyone else in the family has come to grips with this, but me. Ask Tyson how old he is and he'll show you ( really, he will). Ask me and I'll probably cry.

I'm pretty sure that one is a sure sign that sixteen is right around the corner. When I was sixteen it wasn't pretty. At all.

The birthday itself was a big deal, but it's the little things that are marking the sure significance of having a one year old. A few weeks ago we finished our last container of formula. While it's a welcome relief to not have to shell out $20 a week on baby milk, it's tough to know that we mixed Tyson his last bottle of milk. Speaking of bottles? Those are gone too. We went straight to sippy cups. Tyson's adjusting fine. I'm not.

We also bought this cute little kid table for his birthday.

I'm pretty sure that a table means snacks and dinner in the highchair will soon be a thing of the past.

His car seat faces forward. This is totally awesome as we can check each other out at stoplights now. It's also totally sad because it's concrete proof that he's OLD.

We brush his teeth now. We usually sing the Grease song, "brusha, brusha, brusha: while doing it. Actually I sing. Tyson can't. And to be honest, I'm not sure that song is from Grease, I just like it. It might even be made up. It's probably made up.

Promise me you won't put this picture on the blog. And stop singing that stupid song you made up.

We read books. Like he really sits and listens to us while we're reading books. Like he brings the books to US and says, "book." He even turns the pages.

Last week he pushed the shopping cart at Target.

Next week he'll probably be out buying me groceries while I'm at home incapacitated and waiting for him to change MY diaper. I know year 2 will be amazing, I just hope it doesn't go by as fast as year 1.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Have My (cup)Cake and Eat it Too

Tyson Says:

Did you know it was my one year birthday last week? Mommy told you, right? She's been whining about it all month.

Did Mommy tell you my party was awesome? The best part? Easily the cupcakes.

No, seriously. They were good.

Like, really, really, REALLY GOOD.

Like so good that people might eat them, take a bath in the sink and then party in their diaper good. Not that I did that or anything.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Year Letter From Daddy

Daddy Says:

Hey Dude (I call you "dude" most of the time. Or "duder" or "dudarino" or "duderpants" for that matter),

I can't believe it's been a year. A YEAR!!! It seems like just last week when mommy called and told me her water broke and we were off to the hospital. It seems like last week when I drove like hell to get to us to the hospital and a week ago that I drove us home from the hospital as cautiously as Jerry sneaking away from Tom with some stolen cheese (you'll learn). It seems like just last week that we used to swaddle (you likely won't know what that term is until you have your own offspring..so, hopefully not for many a year) you up like a little psychopath in a restraining jacket. Except we didn't swaddle you because you were a psychopath, we swaddled you because that's how 0-3 month old babies like to live. Reminds them of being in their mommy's tummy. It seems like a week ago that we were cheering when you'd drink 2 ounces of milk (and trust me, we all know how you eat now!!!). It seems like just last week when you'd wake up every two hours screaming for more milk. It seems like a week ago that we used to spy on you after you'd finally go to sleep at night. It seems like a week ago that you first smiled (although it was a drunken milk smile). It seems like a week ago that you started eating real food. It seems like a week ago that you first said, "ball". It seems like a week ago when you first learned to wave "hello" and "bye-bye". It seems like a week ago when you learned how to do the "touchdown" sign. Seriously, you learned that sign before you learned how to do the "so big" thing that most kids learn. Nope, you didn't learn "so big" you learned "touchdown". Daddy loves you for that!!! Hey, your initials are T.D afterall. It seems like a week ago when you first rolled over. It seems like a week ago when you first learned to crawl. It seems like a week ago when you first learned to walk. Oh yeah, it was about a week ago when you learned to walk. It's hillarious, because you walk with your hands way up in the air - again, like you're doing the touchdown sign.

Dude, this year has gone by so fast for me and mommy. It's been such a joy and I can honestly say that because people will tell you how much joy children bring to your lives and you have no idea until you actually have one. You have made me laugh more than I've ever laughed and cry more than I've ever cried. You've made me love mommy more. You've made me think of me less, not less of me, just me less. Your smile puts an even bigger smile on my face and your laugh makes me laugh out loud every time.

What a year it's been, buddy. Thank you for all the joy you've brought to my life. I can only hope that I bring that much back to you.

Love you buddy! Happy 1st birthday!!!


One Year Letter

Mommy Says:

Dear Tyson,

Today you are (gasp-hold me up so I don't fall over) one. I've sat down to write your one year letter at least 15 times, but for some reason I keep getting stuck at that first line. My baby is one year old. I know you won't understand the significance of that statement until you have your own baby-but it's kind of a big deal. Trust me.

Just over a year ago today Daddy and I were immersed in preparing for your big arrival. We were a bundle of nerves, fear, and excitement, but we had no idea what we were in store for. No really. We had NO IDEA. You really should have come with a handbook or something. That would have been right up my alley.

We didn't know the overwhelming feeling of joy we would experience at seeing your face for the first time. We had no idea that you would get that handsome little butt chin like Daddy. Nor did we expect the piles of dark and curly hair. We didn't know you would bite your bottom lip and we never could have imagined how lucky we would be that your cry was so quiet.

We didn't know that some nights you would keep us up all night long. Really, we didn't. Both Daddy and I swear that no one ever told us how hard the first few weeks would be. Some day we plan on paying you back for those weeks.

We didn't know that teaching you things would be so rewarding. I'm continually amazed when you do something one day that you couldn't do the day before. I'm convinced you're the smartest baby ever, but I could be biased or something.

We didn't know YOU would teach US so many things. Every day with you has brought a new lesson-Unconditional love, simple pleasures, not to sweat the small stuff, and not to cry over spilled milk (literally), just to name a few. .

Words cannot do the past year justice. It's been an emotional rollercoaster ride of ups and downs mostly ups). I've cried and laughed hysterically. I've wished for moments to never end and prayed for nights that didn't last so long. You have without a doubt succeeded in turning our lives upside down. And we love it.

Happy Birthday my amazing little man. I love you with all of my being.