Friday, November 5, 2010

One Year Letter

Mommy Says:

Dear Tyson,

Today you are (gasp-hold me up so I don't fall over) one. I've sat down to write your one year letter at least 15 times, but for some reason I keep getting stuck at that first line. My baby is one year old. I know you won't understand the significance of that statement until you have your own baby-but it's kind of a big deal. Trust me.

Just over a year ago today Daddy and I were immersed in preparing for your big arrival. We were a bundle of nerves, fear, and excitement, but we had no idea what we were in store for. No really. We had NO IDEA. You really should have come with a handbook or something. That would have been right up my alley.

We didn't know the overwhelming feeling of joy we would experience at seeing your face for the first time. We had no idea that you would get that handsome little butt chin like Daddy. Nor did we expect the piles of dark and curly hair. We didn't know you would bite your bottom lip and we never could have imagined how lucky we would be that your cry was so quiet.

We didn't know that some nights you would keep us up all night long. Really, we didn't. Both Daddy and I swear that no one ever told us how hard the first few weeks would be. Some day we plan on paying you back for those weeks.

We didn't know that teaching you things would be so rewarding. I'm continually amazed when you do something one day that you couldn't do the day before. I'm convinced you're the smartest baby ever, but I could be biased or something.

We didn't know YOU would teach US so many things. Every day with you has brought a new lesson-Unconditional love, simple pleasures, not to sweat the small stuff, and not to cry over spilled milk (literally), just to name a few. .

Words cannot do the past year justice. It's been an emotional rollercoaster ride of ups and downs mostly ups). I've cried and laughed hysterically. I've wished for moments to never end and prayed for nights that didn't last so long. You have without a doubt succeeded in turning our lives upside down. And we love it.

Happy Birthday my amazing little man. I love you with all of my being.



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