Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He's Definitely His Father's Son

Mommy Says:

When I met Daddy I was under the impression that he was perfect. Then I discovered his vacuum obsession. We have 7. At one point the count was in the double digits. I had to convince him that we had no need for the sweeper vacuum that they use at movie theaters. Also, 4 shop vacs are not necessary no matter how many cars you have.

We frequent the vacuum aisle at Target and Walmart looking for the next best vacuum to add to his collection. We got a Swiffer Sweeper vac for our wedding and I'm pretty sure he was happier about this than he was when I said, "I do."

I've come to grips with his vacuum obsession. I've possibly even gained a fond affection for it. I'm not, however, ok with him passing along this obsession to Tyson.

But, he has.

Our child is OBSESSED with vacuums. He knows the closet where most of them are kept and he will stand there banging on it yelling "VA!" When we indulge his obsession and open the closet door he can sit on the floor for nearly 30 minutes staring at it in a trance.

When I vacuum the house, he follows me around smiling and clapping.

We take him to the vacuum aisle at Target and Walmart and his mouth drops open in awe.

Our child is OBSESSED with vacuums. I'm worried, but at least I know he's his father's son.

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