Monday, October 31, 2011


The average person would assume that by the title of this post, they are preparing to read about something scary. It's October, close to Halloween and that seems appropriate, but in our house "Boo" is not something you shout to scare another person. It's something you shout when you want to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. Or when you see Mickey Mouse in a book. Or when you want your Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to sleep with. "Boo" in our house, is Mickey Mouse.

Weird, right?

We're not exactly sure how or why Tyson took to calling Mickey Mouse "Boo." He can say (and he does say) Minnie perfectly so we're pretty sure he can say Mickey as well. He just doesn't.

Thanks to Disney Jr, Tyson has a slightly unhealthy obsession with his "Boo."  And like any good parent of a two year old, we've completely bought into that unhealthy obsession.

Exhibit A-Tyson's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyson's 2nd birthday this weekend in in all out "Boo" bash complete with Mickey Mouse cupcakes, Mickey shaped cheese, Mickey ears, and hot dogs! Tyson was thrilled with all of the "Boo" gear and was lucky to have so many good friends and family help him celebrate his 2nd year.

Exhibit B-Halloween

Boo! (Get it?)

We're continually working on getting Tyson to correctly identify Mickey. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. When he sees multiple Mickeys, he yells, "Boos!" I worry that someone may soon think he's yelling, "Booze!" and call CPS on us.

Pumpkin Carving

I was under the assumption that pumpkin carving this year would be an epic experience for Tyson. I pictured him scooping the guts out with his hands and playing with it for hours. In reality, the experience was a bit different. It started out good...he dug right in to help us.

Unfortunately, some time soon after this picture I quickly realized that in the last two years I have succeeded in teaching Tyson nearly every one of my OCD tendencies.

Yes, that's Tyson cleaning up the pumpkin guts with a wipe while continually telling me "mess, Mommy!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THIS is Not Funny

Dear Tyson,

THIS is not funny. Giggle all you want, but seriously, kid? THIS is not at all funny.

I'm not sure if you realize it yet or not, but the whole turning two thing is already playing a number on my mental psyche. If you keep THIS up, I'm pretty sure I might end up in the mental hospital before November 5th. You and Daddy will have fun at Chuckie Cheese without me, right?

"What's THIS?" you ask. THIS is you using your tools tonight to help Daddy lower your crib.

We had to lower your crib since you can now CLIMB OUT OF IT. BY YOURSELF!

Last night (unbeknownst to me) you managed to crawl out of the safe haven that has housed you since you were a baby. You know-the crib that you have slept in since you were THREE DAYS OLD. Since you were a BABY.

I know we purchased you a big boy bed and are in the process of setting up your big boy room, but honestly? I'm not ready to have a big boy yet. And it's a perfectly good crib. And you've slept in it since you were three days old. And, please buddy, let's keep Mommy out of a mental hospital until after your birthday party, ok?



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Fall: Please Step It Up

Last week it was at least 80 degrees and sunny for 5 days straight. In October. In Minnesota. It's odd because I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of hell freezing over, but yet, it kinda was the same thing as hell freezing over. 80 and sunny for 5 days. In October. In Minnesota.

To be honest, I was kind of upset. Fall is my favorite season by far and Summer was really overstepping it's boundaries.

We had properly said our goodbye to summer in late September with what we assumed would be our last ice cream on the driveway.

I thought it to be a fond farewell. Lola also enjoyed it. Apparently summer thought differently.

Which was apparent last weekend when we took Tyson to get his pumpkin and I was sweating while wearing a tank top. Did I mention this was in October? In Minnesota?

Despite the heat and humidity (I mean, really??!), Tyson had a great time. There was a petting zoo (insert sarcastic "yay" here) which Tyson loved.

And a hay ride where the heat and humidity seemed to get the best of even Tyson's easy going temper.

And big open pumpkin fields where the sun beat down on us relentlessly while we searched for the perfect pumpkin.

I'm happy to report that we survived pumpkin picking without suffering a heat stroke. Tyson managed to puke all over himself on the way home, but I'm pretty sure this was related to the ample amounts of apple juice he was drinking to stay hydrated and not to the actual heat.

Thankfully, fall has heeded my warning and decided to step it up this week. It's 50 and sunny now and we're headed out to enjoy the brisk weather.