Monday, October 31, 2011


The average person would assume that by the title of this post, they are preparing to read about something scary. It's October, close to Halloween and that seems appropriate, but in our house "Boo" is not something you shout to scare another person. It's something you shout when you want to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. Or when you see Mickey Mouse in a book. Or when you want your Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to sleep with. "Boo" in our house, is Mickey Mouse.

Weird, right?

We're not exactly sure how or why Tyson took to calling Mickey Mouse "Boo." He can say (and he does say) Minnie perfectly so we're pretty sure he can say Mickey as well. He just doesn't.

Thanks to Disney Jr, Tyson has a slightly unhealthy obsession with his "Boo."  And like any good parent of a two year old, we've completely bought into that unhealthy obsession.

Exhibit A-Tyson's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyson's 2nd birthday this weekend in in all out "Boo" bash complete with Mickey Mouse cupcakes, Mickey shaped cheese, Mickey ears, and hot dogs! Tyson was thrilled with all of the "Boo" gear and was lucky to have so many good friends and family help him celebrate his 2nd year.

Exhibit B-Halloween

Boo! (Get it?)

We're continually working on getting Tyson to correctly identify Mickey. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know. When he sees multiple Mickeys, he yells, "Boos!" I worry that someone may soon think he's yelling, "Booze!" and call CPS on us.

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