Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Boy Bed

So, today this happened:

We've had his big boy bed set up for a few months now, but I've been delaying the inevitable assuming that the transfer would be long and hard for both of us. I pictured dragging him screaming into the bed, closing his door, listening to long hours of crying while he fought sleep in a new environment and finding him asleep on the floor next to the door. In reality, he asked to take his nap there this afternoon, he cried a bit when we first closed the door, but less than 20 minutes later we found him asleep in the bed.

Bed time was even smoother. (Knock on wood-I realize we have a full night ahead of us)

Part of me wants to jump for joy that the transition seems to be going so smoothly. The other part of me is ready to scoop him up and rock him to sleep again. It seems like just yesterday we put him in his crib for the first night. He fit the short way and each time I lay him down, I would rub his back and wait for his deep sighs and heavy breathing. Two years later I'm fighting back tears as I sneak into his big boy room and listen for the same things.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


With the recent turmoil and upheaval we’ve had in our house (you know due to that whole raising a two year old thing) I’ve neglected to find the time to mention our other big news….

Nope, I didn’t just finish eating Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, that is a baby bump.

Because the toddler is due to start yelling at me in any minute (did I mention his new favorite words are “No WAAAAAYY!”), I will highlight the important details and monumental moments of this pregnancy thus far with bullet points:

-I’m due March 1, 2012. 2012 is a Leap year. If I give birth on 2/29, and we assume she can’t date until her 16th birthday, she will actually be 64 by the time she goes on her first date. Daddy likes this plan.

- She. Yes, apparently it’s a girl. Ultrasound tech and Doctor seem convinced based on what they saw. I’m taking the I’ll believe it when I see it approach.

-She (assuming the doctor is right) is active. Like really, really active. Like I’m pretty sure she’s training for a triathlon in there. My bladder is totally not amused by this.

-She is most active at night. God save us.

-Tyson isn’t sure what to think of the whole having a baby sister idea. We recently bought him a doll. At first he gave the doll kisses and even held it appropriately. Soon after, he dropped kick the baby into his tent and told us to put it back. Again, God save us.

-I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. This makes getting dressed in the morning funny, humiliating and disgusting all at once. I feel bad for my co-workers.

-I haven’t killed my husband! Yet! (the first trimester had many a close calls)

-We’re not telling you the name until after she’s born. And if you don’t like the name when we tell you, too bad. Maybe she won’t like your name either.

-As of today, I’ve officially entered the third trimester. You can read that sentence any way you want, but what I meant was, OMG I’m going to have another baby in three more months. I haven’t done anything. What were we thinking? Didn’t we realize we’d have a toddler to contend with. We are idiots. And not ready. We’ll never be ready.

Needless to say, this Thanksgiving I feel I have many things to be thankful for. Two wonderful men in my life, a little girl on the way, a healthy family, a good meal, and a baby we will someday get to meet in heaven.

Hope you are feeling as blessed today as we are. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Party Like A Two Year Old

Birthdays are kind of a big deal. While I tend to get sentimental and sappy each year, I also hope that I do a damned good job of showing this kid just how much I love him and how awesome he is by giving him the best day ever.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this year?? Yeah, his birthday pretty much rocked...toot. toot.

We woke him up with presents, balloons, and donuts.  Because what two year old wouldn't want to be woken up with presents, balloons and donuts?

The morning was spent playing with his new toys and not wearing pants. Obviously.

After a much needed nap, we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese. Where I'm pretty sure he didn't have any fun.

And for a night cap? Chocolate cake and the "other milk" (chocolate milk).

For a thirty year old, I can throw a mean two year old party.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Dear Tyson,

Today marks the two year anniversary of the day I became a Mommy. Coincidentally, it also marks your second birthday. Strange how that happens, huh? I knew I wanted to be a Mommy when I was a little girl, but I had no idea just how wonderful, rewarding and challenging it would be until you. You made me a Mommy. I knew it would be great, but I had no idea how great YOU would be.

Your birthdays have become a sort of bitter-sweet symphony for me. While I love watching you delight in your presents and bask in the attention of our friends and family that love you so much, I have a hard time accepting that a year has flown by. A year where you have grown, changed, and developed into the little man that you are becoming. I wonder if I told you I loved you enough this year. Did I hug you enough? Give you enough kisses? I wonder if I should have put down what I was doing to play "choo-choos" more often. Was the house clean in sacrifice of time I could have spent cuddling with you? I know that the time will come when I can't carry you to bed anymore and feel your tiny head rest on my shoulder. I'm sure that someday you won't want your Mommy to hold your hand all of the time. And that you will soon prefer friends as playmates over Mommy and Daddy. It's inevitable. I just hope I'm doing my best to soak up all that is you in this moment.

I hope I remember that you are kind and caring. That you love to blow kisses and fold your hands to pray with us. I hope I remember that you make me smile. That you call Mickey "Boo" and your blanket your "Mayme." That you're quirky. You shout, "Pants off!" the second we get home in hopes of being able to run around in your diaper. And that you love to clean.  I hope I remember that your favorite food is macaroni and cheese and that you love bath time. Especially with bubbles. I hope I remember how you count, "two, three, nine, thirteen!" And that you like to play with puzzles. And that you hate the doctor. I hope I never forget the feeling I get when I pick you up from daycare and you come running to me. Or the overwhelming sense of peace I feel when I sneak in at night to see you sleeping.

Despite the fact that you continue to get older, you are and always will be my baby boy.  As you grow up, please remember that I will always be your Mommy. I may not be able to carry you to bed much longer, but I'll always have a shoulder for you to lean your head on and a hand for you to hold. I'll always be ready to play with you when you want and if you need someone to come running to, I will  be

I love you Tyson Daniel.

Happy 2nd Birthday!