Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I love this.

I love lying in bed waiting for them to get up. I love tip toeing to let the dog out.  I love the way she squeaks for us to come and get her. I love that he needs his Mommy in the morning.  I love the ridiculous headbands that match her cute little dresses. I love his light up tennis shoes that I swore I would never buy.

I love morning walks. I love PB &J picnics. And the park. I love the way he kicks his legs to move the swing. I love the chaos. I love watching her try to roll over. Trying to make her laugh.

I love the look of a baby on my husband’s shoulders.  I love the look of a toddler on my husband’s shoulders. I love the give and the take. The shared glances. Date night. I love the way he loves them. I love the way he loves me.

 I love packing a diaper bag with everything we own. I love that I am tired. I love how busy we are when we are doing nothing.

I love that she’s content and happy. I love that he’s funny and shy.

I love hearing him say I lub you. I love kissing owies to make them all better.  His little hand folded so perfectly into mine. The way she looks at me.

I love nap time. I love the way she feels in my arms. The way she burrows her head and folds her hands when she’s sleeping. The quiet. The way he wakes up and wants to cuddle.

I love puzzles and coloring and games. I love that I can always find a rubber ducky in our bath tub and a block under the couch. I love the messes that I can’t keep up with.

I love family dinners and family walks. Bonfires. The pool. I love watching him help Daddy with chores. Watching him throw a baseball. Watching him ride his bike.

I love rocking her to sleep. The way she smells after bath. Her soft sleep sack. I love listening to him pray. Butterfly kisses. One more hug. I love the sound of their heavy breathing.

I love this. I just really love this.

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