Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Can't Help Myself

Dear Tyson,

I stopped doing monthly letters when you turned 18 months old because I figured you and/or other people were probably getting bored with them. I mean you’re cute and smart, right? But you heard the same drill last month. You don’t need to get a big head about it. I made a pact with myself that the 18th month letter would be the last monthly letter I would write. For future reference, my pact did still allow annual letters to you and there was no limit to how long they could be.

Sticking with my pact, I didn’t write a 19 month letter. And then I regretted it. Big time. So, while official monthly letters are now a thing of the past, I can’t guarantee I won’t do a 21 month 3 day letter if the desire so strikes. And while you/other people might be bored, I’m afraid that six years from now I won’t remember the first time you said, “pease” or when you used to call Mickey Mouse “Boo” and for that reason alone, I’m writing a 19 month, 1 day letter. I’ll thank myself later.

The following are the ridiculously cute things you’re up to this month:

-Please and Thank you. You say them both! Like this: “peaaase” and “dankooo.” You also say them without being prompted! Sometimes you say them to the clerks at the store after they check us out, or to Mrs. Beth as we leave daycare, or to Mommy and Daddy when you want something. It’s without a doubt the cutest noise that comes out of your mouth.

-Blowing Kisses. Remember how I said I was pretty convinced I that I had taught you the fast track way to wind up on 16 and Pregnant? While you still love to give everyone and everything kisses at bedtime, your also newly enamored with blowing kisses to everyone and everything. That clerk that you said “dankoo” to? You also blew her kisses. The giant M&M dispenser at the store? You blew it kisses. The park? Blowing kisses every time we pass it.

-Blue. If we ask you what color something is, you tell us “blue.” It’s a great trick at parties when whatever we’re pointing to is actually blue. If it’s red, though, you still say blue.

-Eight. You also say “eight” when we ask what number this is. Again, great trick if it’s actually an eight. If it’s four, though, you still say eight.

-Three. That’s how old you are according to you.

-Done. You recently have had some huge temper tantrums discussions with us at the dinner table. Apparently when you are done eating, you’d like to get down immediately, run to the stairs, get your greasy dirty hands all over our (newly painted) walls and scream “BATH!” until we prematurely stop eating and take you to get a bath. I’m happy to report that after our discussions, you are now working on asking us each if we’re done before we get down from the table. “Mama, done? Dada, done? Ty, done?” It’s a much nicer way to end our dinner than listening to “BATH BATH BATH”

-Owie. You had your first scraped knee. Two little scrapes on the knee. We cleaned it up and put on a bandaid. You were really proud of your owie. You showed anyone who asked. You also showed some people who didn’t.

-Boo. You call Mickey Mouse boo. We have no clue why.

-Yes and no. You nod your head yes now when you want to say yes. It usually requires a lot of concentration, but the end result is oh so cute. You’re “no” has turned into “nooooo” said in a sing song/whiny voice. It’s not really oh so cute.

Remarkable, right? See why I couldn’t pass this month up?

You’re an amazing little boy-full of love, charm, and humor. I am lucky to be your Mommy and right now you are calling me to help you find more Boo.

Happy 19 months, 18 days little guy!



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