Wednesday, November 28, 2012

9 Months

Dear Mimi,
Last week you celebrated your nine month birthday. I am flabbergasted that you could be that old already and certain that it was just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time. Just a week before that when I felt you give me your first little kick from the inside. Just a week before that when we prayed and prayed that you would be our healthy baby.
You are a busy girl at nine months old. You officially started crawling and prefer to move towards anything you’re not supposed to.  You’re trying hard to pull yourself up to standing on anything and everything within your reach. It’s resulted in quite a few bumps and bruises, but you are not deterred. You love to push your walking cart and are seriously upset that you don’t know how to take off running with it. You have a fierce sense of independence that I adore. You are content to play by yourself and determined to be doing everything your big brother does. You’re starting to babble more and more. “OH BOY!” is your favorite expression. You also say “Heeeay” and “Baaye” accompanied with a cute little turn of your wrist that I’m sure is your wave. Your smile (now with one tooth!) melts my heart and your big belly laugh can light up a room.
I recently took this picture of us. It’s not the best. The lighting sucks and it’s focused on your ear. Regardless, it’s the picture I find myself drawn to each time I pick up my phone. Despite your change from baby to toddler, you are still granting me this little piece of heaven each morning at around 5. We rock, you eat your bottle that you don’t really need and I stare at your face. I try to memorize the way you curl your legs around me and tuck your arm behind me. I listen to your heavy breath and study your eyelashes.  I’m well aware it’s a bad habit that I’m creating, but I will fight tooth and nail with anyone who tells me I need to give it up. I’m not ready yet. At some point we’ll wean both of us off of it, but for now, you just cry each morning and I’ll be there with a bottle to rock you back to sleep.
Happy 9 months, little girl!


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