Friday, November 2, 2012

Tyson's 3rd Birthday Party

Tyson is turning 3 on Monday. I'm still not entirely sure how that is happening. 3. Seems old, right? Just typing it was hard.

The better part of my weekend will be spent writing his third birthday letter, crying, and trying to drink away my sorrows. Sounds like a party to me, but since most other don't consider it festive, we opted to have Tyson's birthday party last weekend instead.

Superman wanted to have a Halloween party this year and I was up for the challenge. Spider web dip, mummy juice boxes, pumpkin decorating, jack-o-lantern pizzas and tons of little kids in costume. It was a blast!


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  1. Dear Little Buddy...who would have known 3 years ago when we just made it home for your birth what a treat we were in for. We were so looking foward to that day..holding you...meeting you... and then to get to experience life with you... all the little things... big things... awesome things.. your nanny and papa love you lots!!!