Friday, November 2, 2012

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train

A few weeks ago (okay, it was over a month ago-it's our busy season at work-I'm busy) we went on a train ride through the St. Croix river valley.

Tyson wore his too short engineer overalls which were ridiculously cute. For the record, I plan on purchasing him a new pair of the same overalls every year until he refuses. Maybe longer. I'm also slowly setting aside a therapy fund for him.

Mila sat patiently on my lap for the better part of the two hour trip. No, really, a 7 month old sat still on a lap for two hours. Christmas miracle! Yes, I'm bragging about how wonderful my 7 month old is.

For every amazing seven month old, there's always an almost three year old who wants to crawl over every seat on the train to negate the wonderful feeling I was having about my well behaved kids.

There was an actual conductor who took our tickets. I'm fairly certain that this is one of Tyson's career aspirations as he frequently asks for our tickets to do just about anything these days.

The entire crew survived (although I'm not sure what's going on with Tyson's face in this picture). Dan and I are praying every night for a ten month old that sits still on a lap for three hours during our plane ride to Florida. I'm also silently saying a prayer that my three year old no longer thinks it's ok to climb over every seat at that point.

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