Thursday, December 6, 2012


We have a new family member that I need to introduce you to. No, despite being 9 months post-partum (hello, baby weight-you can fall off now) I have not produced another babe for you to ogle at. Sorry. We have, however, adopted this cute little fellow from the North Pole.

His name is Chippy.  I am well aware that we stole his name from the movie. My son doesn't like change or anything new or anything remotely different.  We're working on the whole thinking outside the box thing, I swear.

Due to the not liking change/new/different things, I was a little worried about the whole magical Elf who moves around our house at night deal. In an effort to stave off any trepidation, I decided to make his entrance to the house a big party complete with presents, candy canes and breakfast. Did I mention presents? Something about you can't kick a gift horse in the mouth, right?

Clearly Mila agrees.

Chippy's presents included new Christmas PJs and 25 Christmas books to open and read each night before bed. The books have been a HUGE hit, but the PJs haven't been worn once because, hello? Change/New/Different.

He liked the candy canes, though. Until he realized they weren't the kind that he had before. Seriously. I couldn't make this material up if I tried.

Chippy's quite the character. We've found him drinking syrup, hanging upside down from our wine rack (something Mommy does every so often), riding Tyson's giraffe, covering himself in stickers, watching himself on TV, hanging Tyson's underpants from the chandelier and sliding down the banister. I'm beginging to wonder if Chippy will run out of places to land in our house. No, really. I'm begining to wonder.....(help?!)

For the record, Chippy has been busy reporting back to Santa every night if the kids are being naughty or nice. Surprisingly, this knowledge has not encouraged Tyson to sit at the dinner table any longer or stay in bed at night.

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  1. You're too funny! I have also been wondering what else Buddy (our elf) will be getting into. He's going to have to be pretty creative because most available spots in the living room have been used up in the last week. :/ Off to the kitchen, I suppose...