Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Dear Tyson,
Happy 4th birthday, buddy.
I know this is the part where I’m supposed to write about how I can’t believe you are 4 already….but, honestly? 4 isn’t shocking me. Surprisingly, I'm handling your 4th birthday with ease. I haven't stockpiled the Kleenexes or hidden in the bathroom to shed a tear once. I’ve maintained almost all of my dignity. Your Daddy is so proud of me. 
 For the record, yes, there are still times when you ask me to sing you a lullaby to help you fall asleep that I find myself flashing back to the way it felt to rock you to sleep at 4 weeks old. And, sure, there are still minutes when I am certain that it was just yesterday  you were in my arms instead of pulling at my hand as we walk across the parking lot. And, honestly, every once and awhile, I swear I can smell your sweet newborn baby scent through the little boy sweat that is starting to sneak it’s place into our home. But most of the time? Most of the time I am just caught as up in you and the amazing little boy you are becoming. Turns out I like having a little boy just as much as I liked having a baby boy. I wish I could go back to pregnant me and let her know that.  Luckily, I can return the stock pile of bricks I was secretly hoarding in the basement and planning on  using to keep you small. 
3 was fun. It was crazy and busy and dramatic and hard. Really hard. You are, I'm aware, relatively easy in comparison to other 3 year olds, but still, 3, was hard. I remember reading that 3 would be difficult because kids start to have awareness of self and the ability to determine, as an individual, who they are and will be.  You did all of that and more this year, baby. It was rough, but you’ve shaped into a pretty cool little kid.
You are smart and determined-almost to a fault. You are a perfectionist-even when playing Yahtzee the dice have to be lined just so. You are sweet and caring-always worried about how to make your friends and family happy. You are an amazing older brother to Mimi.  You are a rule-follower and a tattle-tale. You are empathetic-the first to come give me a hug if you happen to even think I might be sad. You are smart and you know it. You have an amazing memory. You want to be just like your Daddy-you have to dress like him, eat like him, and talk like him. You love board games, art projects, and cooking with me. You love to swim, play baseball in the backyard, skate, and watch football with Daddy. You are funny, charming and enjoyable for adults to be around. You like pizza, corndogs and macaroni and cheese. And green beans. You are short tempered (which I'm hoping is just a 3 year old thing) and don't have much patience (which unfortunately, is probably a lifetime trait courtesy of me). You like to wear your boxers or PJs only around the house. You like to cuddle. Your teachers tell me you love to help in the classroom. You like to be the leader, but don't mind taking directions. You are clean and organized. You are generous, conscientious, and kind.

And, today, you are 4.
We're off to celebrate with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, skating practice, and presents and cake at home! A magical birthday party to come this Saturday! 
Happy 4th Birthday, Buddy.
Thank you for giving me one of the best presents I've ever held four years ago today. 

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