Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birthday Magic

It was Daddy’s idea to hire a magician for Tyson’s fourth birthday party. Because I am generous, I will give him credit for the idea.
For the record, I will also give him credit for the ridiculous amount of pizza we had left over after the party.  After forcing party guests to take home whole pizzas as souvenirs, we had enough leftovers to feed our family for well over a week. If I never see another Domino’s pepperoni pizza for as long as I live, I’d be a happy woman. Also, I’d be skinnier.
Getting back to the point, Daddy had the idea, but it was me who actually found and hired the magician, put together what must have been at least one hundred magic wands, hand painted two bunnies in magician’s hats and turned our development club house into a pretty magical scene for Tyson’s 4th birthday party.
We’ll skip over the part where one week before the party we realized that Tyson had no idea what a magician was which resulted in a frenzy of Youtube videos at bedtime to get him excited about Daddy’s idea.   
We (I) hired David Farr for the party and it might have been the best decision I’ve ever made. How this man managed to entertain 15 kids age 4 and under for almost an hour is a magic trick I’d pay big money to learn.  I mean, really.
It truly was a magical day to celebrate a pretty special four year old boy.  


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