Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Blue One

Despite Mila’s ever-expanding vocabulary, lately, if pressed, she could live through the day on ten expressions. In no particular order, these expressions are:
1)“The Blue One”
Pronounced: “da boo one”
Translation: (we think) the other one. Typically said if she wants to do something different, eat something different, read something different.
Uses: “The Blue One, Meow. Meow.” Which apparently means I want to go to Pam’s house (because she has a cat. Obviously.)
2)      “Oh”
Pronounced: oh.
Translation: oh....seriously are you still talking to me. I’ll pretend like I’m listening.
Uses: At least 100 times per day. A typical use, Me-“Mila! Look it’s snowing out!” Mila-“Oh.” Me-“Mila, a blue elephant is dancing in the street.” Mila-“Oh.”
3)“Baby Book”
Pronounced: “bebee book”
Translation: I want to read the book that I pick out. Most of the time it should have a cat on it. Or a baby.
Uses: Yelled repeatedly at me from the minute we announce bed time or nap time.
4)    “Thank you, Welcome”
Pronounced: “Tank du, welcome”
Translation: Thank you and welcome, I guess?!?!
Uses: To her advantage. When she wants something and after we give her something. I think she knows this one is cute.
5)“Slide!, Slide!”
Pronounced: “Side!, Side!”
Translation: I want to go downstairs and go on the slide repeatedly.
Uses: It seems like every minute. I’m rethinking my brilliant idea of bringing our slide in for the winter. I now have visions of spending my every waking moment in the basement watching her “side!”
6)      “Hurry Drive the Truck!”
Pronounced: “Hurry, Dive da Tuck!”
Translation: Please put on the Barney song, “Hurry, Hurry Drive the Firetruck!”
Uses:  Immediately after we set her butt in the carseat until we take her butt out of the carseat. For the record, not the most enjoyable song to listen to on repeat.
Pronounced: "Nooooooooooooah!
Translation: No. Uh-uh. No way. Never. Nope.
Uses: Anytime she's asked a question. Ever. Even if we ask her if she wants a million dollars-one day she will regret this.
8) "Mama Silly."
Prounounced: "Mama seeeely!"
Uses: Practically any time I look at her and often after I've just gotten dressed for the day. I'm beginning to take offense to this particular expression.
9) "Right There"
Pronounced: "Right Dere"
Uses: Her response every time we ask her where anything is. Even if it's not actually, physically "right dere."
10) "Brother"
Pronounced: "Brudder"
Uses: All the live long day. “Brudder dink.” (brother, drink) “Brudder tiss.” (brother kiss) “Brudder seeping” (brother sleeping)

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  1. I wish I would have read this before we babysat on Saturday. #1,3,5,6,10 definitely were spoken! Special Thank You to big brother Tyson for translating correctly!!