Thursday, October 24, 2013

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day (Kind of)

Last night was awesome (Or, not so much.)
I got home from work at 4:30 and Dan left to go to the Wild game with his Dad and siblings at 4:35. (It should be mentioned that he left me with a screaming Mila and a wheezing/discolored Tyson.)
We colored Halloween pictures. (Or, the kids colored Halloween pictures while I tried frantically to find “the! blue! one!” for Mimi while googling, “when is it necessary to bring your child into the ER for an asthma attack.”)
I made dinner. (In other words, I poured a little canned soup into a pot and heated it on the stove. This is where you should be impressed-I made soup on the stove! Not the microwave!)
The kids ate dinner. (Actually, they both just dumped said soup onto their bodies and the table for me to clean up. Come to think of it, nobody ate much of anything.)
We started back-to-back nebulizer treatments. (Which involved Mila yelling, “FROGGIE!” repeatedly at our froggie shaped nebulizer while Tyson yelled repeatedly at Mila to be quiet.)
I gave the kids a bath. (Mila pooped in the tub. We discovered it AFTER just as we started draining the water to get out of the tub.)
I gave the kids another bath. (Because when you bathe in poopy water, you aren’t really clean.)
I let them watch cartoons in my bed while drinking juice. (Of course they spilled the juice. Of course it was red.)
I read them each one book. (Despite their begging, pleading, crying and eventually screaming to get two books each.)
I put them to bed. ( I snuck back in to each of their bedrooms to watch them sleep peacefully and marvel at how I could create something so amazingly wonderful and difficult at the same time.)

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