Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh Brother.

This is “Brother” giving his baby sister a flower.

Yes, I said, "Brother." We’re contemplating a formal name change as it’s currently the only name we use for him around the house. It’s not a name we frequently used for him in the past, but somehow Mimi has deemed it the only name she will call him by.  “Brother?” is the first thing she asks me as I pick her up each morning.  It’s also the last name I hear her chanting in bed each night; “Brother! Brother! Brother!”.  

She’s become constantly concerned with his whereabouts. On days he’s at preschool, I hear “Brother go?” for two and a half hours straight. The “Brother go?” chant only stops when we arrive to pick him up after school when she promptly starts demanding to “Kiss Brother!” when he comes out of class.

She’s constantly worried that she and brother get the same things. She gets a fruit snack and yells at me to get, “Brother snack too!”  She gets milk, “Brother tirsty too!”  On multiple occasions, she has demanded the free-cookie lady at Target get “Brother cookie!”  even when he’s not with us.  I’ve tried to mention that this behavior might get us on the free-cookie lady’s do-not-feed list, but she doesn’t seem to listen.

As an approximation, I’ve heard “Brother” come out of her mouth no less than 18,000 times in the last week. And as annoying as it might come across, it’s also the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m hoping I can remind her of her undying love for “Brother”  when I start hearing, “Mooommmmm TYSON is bugging me!” a little too frequently all too soon.

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