Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy Says:
You my readers (all two of you-hi Mom & Dad!) are lucky. Super lucky. You must have found a four leaf clover back in the day or something. Or maybe unicorns dance around your house. Or lucky charms pour from your faucet. (what am I talking about?) Who knows. Wanna know why you're lucky?

This is why.

Yes, I realize it's totally a gimmick.

Or more precisely, this is why.

What a step up from Winnie the Pooh. Thanks Mom.

And this.

Do these jeans make my butt look big?

Can you stand it? I mean they even have pockets! And a fly! It can't get any cuter than this. It just can't.

PS-Tyson-you are also totally lucky as this post spared you the embarrassment of me rambling on abut how last weekend your poop ran down Daddy's leg at Grandpa's welcome home dinner. You're welcome. You can pay me back whenever. In case you were wondering, you were not wearing denim diapers at the time. Thank God.

PPS-Am I the only one that thinks it's strange that Huggies uses Winnie the Pooh for it's mascot? Pooh for Poo. It's wrong. No? Just me. Ok then.


  1. I officially miss him again!! Hope to see him this weekend :-) (Ok...and you and Dan too!)

  2. Side note: Also excited that Auntie Katie finally (after 7 long months of being a blog stalker) figured out how to comment on your blog. (Grandma Jane - I'll teach you next!!)

  3. Ok...Grandma Jane figured this out for herself!! These are just too stinkin cute!!!

  4. I dont want to overuse my commenting privleges in 1 day...but I was checking out the pictures again and seriously think Tyson has a shot at being the net Hugggies diaper model...w/out the blowouts!

  5. 1. This is hilarious. Laugh out loud, freakin hilarious.
    2. Nolan and Tyson wear the same size diapers. I can't tell Daddy as this will only feed his 'Nolan is a midget' complex.

  6. Summer-Nolan wears a size 3!?! This totally feeds into my Tyson is a fatty complex. The kid will just NOT. STOP. EATING. Rolls are cute at 6 months old, right?

    As for the denim diapers, I love them. I told Dan last night that we have to save them for "special occasions." Then I realized how ridiculous I sounded.