Thursday, May 6, 2010

6 Months

Mommy Says:
Dear Tyson,

It's your 1/2 birthday!! 6 whole months-you're becoming such a little man.

6 months is the new 16.

To celebrate the big day, we fed you cake. Only kidding-you can't eat cake yet and I'm not sure I can bake a cake either.

Instead, Daddy and I watched the home videos we've taken of you since your birth. We watched you 3 minutes after you were born. We were amazed at how small you were and how you had already captured our hearts. We watched you get your first bath and laughed at Daddy asking several times if you had peed yet. We saw us all the morning after your first night home and were amazed at how overwhelmed and tired we already were. We kept a running tab on how much hair you had at each week. We saw you smile and laugh, but only sparingly as you were a little camera shy in the first months. We saw you kick and play and talk. We watched each scene and remembered each moment like it was yesterday. It was the perfect way to celebrate your 1/2 birthday.

So, you want to know what you're up to now that you're six months old?

You stand! With assistance of course, but come on, how big boy is that?

You think this is big boy? Wait till you see what I can do at month 7. Totally gonna blow your socks off.

You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner now. Again, totally big boy.

You roll several times in a row. Like 3 sometimes 4. Back, front, back, front. Yet you still can't figure out how to roll from your stomach to your back in your crib. Strange.

You fake cough. Which is really strange.

You dance with Mommy when she sings, "Shake your booty!" Which is kinda embarrassing for both of us, huh? Remind me to post videos of this one day to fully show off the atrocity.

You are happy. I should probably ask google ads if they will pay me for how many times I say you are happy, but you ARE. I mean even other people comment on how you're just such a happy baby.

I'm just happy cause you said I'd get cake.

And that makes me happy.

I love you SO ridiculously much. Every day I spend with you is a good day. Thank you for bringing us 6 months of amazing joy.



PS-I also feel I should take this time to pre-warn you that there is definitely some stuff on those tapes that you won't want your future wife to see. Especially the day where we go in to wake you up and discover your first blow out which is promptly followed by capturing your first pee in the bath tub.

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