Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Face

See that?

That is the face of a 5.5 month old baby that slept through didn't eat the whole night.  She was up once at 9:30, but put herself back to sleep with a few pats from Daddy and a couple of glow worm songs and, more importantly, no food.

UP ONCE. NO FOOD. It's a Christmas miracle.

(Yes, we are still working on not getting up at all. Baby steps people.)

Odds are favouring that this was an anomaly, but I'm praying for a pattern. If she keeps eating at night like she's been doing, we're looking at 2T clothes by the time she's nine months old. In the interest of preventing teasing in junior high, I'm praying this is a pattern.

PS- The amount she looks like Tyson in this picture is ridiculous.

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