Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Date Night

Dear Tyson,

Last weekend you went on your first movie date ever.

With your mother. Hide your disappointment.

Daddy made us take pictures before to commemorate the occasion. He kept telling us to hold hands, you wanted to run away, and I couldn’t stop hugging you. I had visions of your prom pictures dancing before my eyes.

The movie-Ice Age 4-was cute and managed to hold your attention through most of the 90 minutes. There were a few scary parts, you had to pee twice-probably because you consumed a GIANT soda-(call me a bad parent all you want-you can’t have movie popcorn without a soda-it’s sacrilegious), and you said you wanted Ellie Boo twice.  In all, a good first movie experience.

I’m sure it won’t be long before you will cringe at the idea of attending a movie with your mother. Until then, I’ll happily be your date to any movie you request.




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