Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

Mommy Says:
We were lucky enough to celebrate the holidays in Florida this year. I was overjoyed with the thought of saying goodbye to the white stuff and work for a few weeks, but I was dreading the thought of flying with a one year old. I asked parents for months before the flight for advice and they all guaranteed he'd be fine. I can't tell you the number of people who told me that they flew with their one year old and it went great. Delusionally, I thought that our trip would go off without a hitch as well.

It started off good enough.

Tyson loved watching the planes. He waved goodbye to each one and dazzled nearly everyone in the airport with his "Vroom-vroom" noises.

We boarded the plane feeling so proud of our cute little man.

But the cute little man act quickly turned into the ugly screaming baby play for the next three hours. We were lucky we got a brief intermission during Tyson's 20 minute nap. I'm certain he was just utilizing that time to rest up for his big finale. It was impressive.

Thankfully we had a full 8 days to wipe that experience from our memory before we had to board to come back home. Otherwise I'd still be in Florida.

We managed to salvage our sanity and our eardrums enough to enjoy Christmas if Florida.
We played in the sand. Tyson cried when he had to touch the sand (or strangely, the grass), so most of the sand castle building was done by Daddy and Mommy.
We saw Grandmas and Grandpas and Great Grandmas and Grandpas. Needless to say, Tyson was spoiled rotten. It's been a rough adjustment for him to realize that now that we're home there isn't someone staring at him 24/7.

We went swimming. Boy, oh boy did we go swimming. Tyson made a beeline for the "BATH!" within minutes of arriving. Despite the unseasonably cold weather, we spent a good deal of time in the "bath" each day further supporting my theory that Tyson will be the next Michael Phelps (minus the whole smoking pot scandal-of course).

On the last day, Tyson managed to forget his fear of the sand long enough for me to take this adorable picture of him walking the beach. He looks so cute that this picture made me forget my fear of getting back on the plane with him to come home.

Big mistake.

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