Thursday, January 27, 2011

Talking The Talk

Mommy Says:

I think I underestimated the power that communication gave to Tyson. I only saw how ridiculously cute he was when he started responding to our questions. Do you want milk? He runs to the fridge saying, "Ba!" Cute. Do you want to go night night? He goes to the stairs and starts waving, "nigh-nigh!" Ah-freaking-dorable. Bring me a diaper? He does. Cute and useful. Bring me a beer? Well....we're working on that.

While communicating and understanding seems to have it's perks (see above about the beer) I've now discovered the apparent downfalls that accompany it.

Last week, while Daddy was reading Tyson a book and talking about animal sounds he asked Tyson, "What does Mommy say?" His response-after some serious thought-was "No, no, no, no, no, no, NO,NO, NO!"

And, while I was happy that he didn't respond with "MOO!" or "Oink!" I was rather disappointed to know that he remembers me as the "No-No" parent. And tells other people about it.

Soon he'll be telling Daddy about how I sometimes swear at other drivers even though I tell him not to. Or he'll mention to Daddy how much I really spend at Target each week. Or how he'll tell daycare how we're teaching him to bring us beers...

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