Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get In My Belly!

Mommy Says:

I know I may have mentioned it a time or two before, but our kid? He likes to eat. A lot. He's not picky either. Brussel sprouts, onions, avocado, shrimp, asparagus-he's had it all. In fact, he's shoved nearly all of it down his throat in remarkably fast fashion. There is not a food he's met that he doesn't like.

There are certain foods, however, that he likes waaay better than others. These foods get a much louder, "MMMM!" out of him than the others. They leave him messier and they have him asking "more please" with a look that reads, "I might hurt you if you don't give me another bite RIGHT NOW!"

Smoothies are one of these foods.

A few months ago, Jamba Juice offered us coupons to try out their new Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Kits and review it on the blog. Not one to pass up free food (especially when I'm feeding a toddler who eats like a teenager) I quickly took them up on the deal.

I found the smoothies in the frozen food section at our local Target. Each bag contained frozen fruit, non-fat yogurt, and an antioxidant boost-we just needed to add fruit juice or milk to get two 8 ounce servings.
We tried both the Razzmatazz and Strawberries Wild flavors. True to form, Tyson wasn't biased. He LOVED both flavors Also, true to form, his take charge eating technique:

Seriously lady. I asked for more. I said please. If you're not going to help me, I'll help myself.

Our family review? Two Thumbs up. Tyson and Daddy loved them and couldn't get them in their mouths fast enough. I loved the fact that they were really easy and healthy (hello, 100% daily value of Vitamin C.) Next time, we'll probably try them in sippy cups to avoid the inevitable mid-day bath that follows a really good snack.

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  1. I miss the little nugget! Can't wait to see you guys soon!