Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mommy says:

Some days I feel like we won the baby lottery. Not the Powerball though because the odds of winning that twice are slim to none. ( And I do plan on winning the Powerball someday. It would really suck if this ruined my odds.) More like a big scratch off or pull tab win.
I know every parent thinks their child is perfect, but really, ours is.

He's just a good baby. He smiles lots (mostly at the ceiling fan, but still...) and can coo for hours. He can be independent, but he loves his cuddle time. He naps well and sleeps even better-6 hour stretches by his one month birthday. He's (almost) always well behaved in public and even his crying fits (rare) are tolerable. Happiest Baby on the Block? I gave birth to him 10 weeks ago.

Plus, we've already established he's really stinkin cute. See?

In the months prior to Tyson's big arrival, I read nearly every baby book I could get my hands on. I was a daily visitor (correct that, stalker) of sites like the bump.com and birthcenter.com. I could recite the 5 S's forward and backward. I'd like to think that this studious preparation resulted in our jackpot baby, but really, parenthood is not like school (which is kinda good as Daddy really didn't put in the same A for effort preparation as Mommy and I'm guessing this would be a team grade). All the studying and reading in the world does not equal a good baby. Luck does. And we got lucky.

PS: It seems I also gave birth to a genius. (Double Jackpot, right?!) While I would love for you to believe that my amazingly awesome parental skills have created this child genius, it just isn't likely. With the lack of sleep, poor personal hygiene, and minimal adult conversation in the past three months, it's much more probable that I just lucked out and birthed our very own Baby Einstein. I realize some of you (who know Daddy) think I'm full of crap-a Baby Einstein? With that Daddy? Come on. But, it's true. I've got proof.

This is Tyson at eleven weeks grabbing at toys. On his own. At eleven weeks. And continuing to hold said toy. On his own. See? Pure genius. His head is also in the 58th percentile, which, big head=big brain. Obviously.

PPS: This will be the last post (for awhile) where I brag about how Tyson is the smartest, cutest, happiest baby because:

a) I don't want to bore you with the obvious.


b) We've already said we'll allow Tyson to read this when he gets older and I really don't want a cocky kid. Cocky kids are not stinkin cute.

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