Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Tyson

Dear Tyson,

This blog is for you. Sure, we've found a great outlet to document our jouney into parenthood-follies and all (you may even see Mommy and Daddy disagree on here at times), yes, the blog will be great for Grandmas and Grandpas to follow your every.single.move, and OF COURSE Mommy will use it to whore out all of your adorable baby pictures (because you really are stinkin cute). But, really this blog is for you.

Because November 5th, 2009 completely changed our lives. Scratch that- March 4th, 2009 completely changed our lives. That's the day we found out you had chosen us to be your Mommy and Daddy. US! After close to a million pregnancy tests (it only took two months, Mommy was just a little neurotic), we finally had the result we were waiting for. You were on your way!

Mommy had a ridiculously easy pregnancy and an even easier delivery. The first words you heard on your birthday (besides, "Touchdown!"-ask Daddy) were, "He's perfect." And, you are. Just ask us.

You have changed our lives in the most amazing ways. You are such a happy baby. Content with smiling at the ceiling fan or cooing at yourself in the mirror. Your smile (even at 3 AM) makes us smile. Your cries are few and far between. You've discovered your voice and sometimes, we swear, we can hear your laugh in there just itching to get out.

You have given us the most amazing gift in the world-you. This blog is our thank you. Someday, when you are much, much, much older, you can laugh with (at) Mommy and Daddy, you can read about your first steps and your first words, you can see some naughty words (just don't use them) and you can learn just how much you are loved by two people who never knew just how much joy you would bring them.

We love you Tyson.

Mommy and Daddy

PS--No, you were not named after Mike Tyson or Tyson Chicken, just in case you've been wondering.

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