Thursday, May 31, 2012

He's Come A Long Way, Baby

Since Mila’s birth, I have been asked at least two thousand and three times how Tyson is handling being a big brother. My response is usually the same, “He loves it.” I could elaborate on that statement, but it’s not necessary. “He loves it” sums it up perfectly. Dude loves his little sister. Sure, we were worried when he drop kicked the baby doll we bought him, but he never once asked me to put her back (thank God) and he has shown a sincere interest in Mila since Day 1. Pretty impressive given that her birth gave him a one way ticket to sharing Mommy and Daddy’s attention for the rest of his life.

His “Baby Mila Too” (aka the drop kicked doll) had disappeared into the bottom of the toy box for the last few months, but she recently found her way to the top and back into Tyson’s arms. Clearly he has been taking notes.

He’s a great big brother and someday, based on this video, I know he’ll make a damn good Daddy too.

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