Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter-Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some


-I'm not sure what it is about the Easter Bunny, but even I was a bit tense when we saw him this year. There's something creepy about a large rabbit with even bigger feet. Tyson was not impressed and thus this is the only picture I was able to squeeze out with him and the hare.

He looks traumatized, right? I had visions of two kids on the Easter Bunny's lap dressed in their Easter best, however, these visions were quickly dashed by his adamant refusal to remove himself from the stroller. I decided I'd wait to scar Mila for life until Christmas.

-We signed Tyson up for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning at the local fairground. A helicopter was supposed to drop thousands of eggs on a giant field for the kids to pick up. They could win trips, an IPad, computers!!  In theory, this would have been sooo fun. In actuality, it was 40 degrees, raining, and windy. We braved the cold for Tyson but only ten minutes in even he asked to leave.

- We woke up Easter morning to this:

Despite our (ahem) the Easter Bunny's hard work, the little guy had a fever of 102 and was not in the mood to hunt for eggs. It's entirely possible that the fever is directly related to the windchill we exposed him to at the helicopter egg drop.


-Tyson LOVED dying eggs this year. Lots of thought was put into which colors to use and which stickers went on each egg. I love how creative he is. I also love his OCD tendenancies. A child after my own heart.

- Our little girl is ridiculously cute.

So ridiculous, right?

-Tylenol works wonders. All was not lost on Easter Sunday as the Tylenol kicked in quickly and Tyson was eager to see the Easter Bunny's work. For twenty minutes, our house was filled with running and accompanying cries of, "there's another one!"

The Easter egg hunt at home was followed by another dose of Tylenol and a second hunt at Grandma Pat's.

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