Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Friday-Odds & Ends

Mommy Says: To make up for missing Photo Friday last week and to help lighten my mood, I've put quite the effort into this week's episode-complete with collages and 1960s effects. Insert jazz hands here. Please enjoy and try not to drool-he's really stinkin cute.
On Tuesday, Tyson went to the closet, selected a purse, slung it over his shoulder, waved goodbye to me, and sashayed towards the door. Daddy's mortified I happened to capture this on film. I'm sure Tyson will share his sentiments at the tender age of 13. Personally, as a mom, I'm just so proud he picked a purse that matched his outfit.

His first time with playdough. He wasn't so sure he liked the texture of the playdough, but he loved stacking the containers the dough came in. He also loved putting the playdough back in to the containers. Clearly, I may have already instilled some of my OCD on this kid.

Spring is here! Kinda! We're taking what we can get now and Tyson's loving every minute of it. Yesterday we went for a walk that consisted of watching Tyson splash in every puddle and attempt to jump down every sewage drain. Clearly, he forgot about the OCD behaviors during the course of he walk.

Oscar the Grouch.

I've had quite the helper lately. He always wants to be right under my feet. Yesterday I put him to work in the kitchen. I can already taste the breakfast in bed he'll be cooking me this Mother's day. PS-if you look closely, that is a dog in the cupboard on the middle photo.

Our friends and family sent us several bouquets of beautiful flowers this week. While they helped to lift my spirits, what really made me smile was watching how much Tyson loved to smell them.

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with spring walks and beautiful flowers!

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  1. Ugghhh, you had to show the purse picture!!! From, Daddy.