Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Weekend Plans

I've always been afraid of birds. It's not an irrational fear. Umm, hello-beaks! And talons!

Did you know that a red tailed hawk know to attack their prey when they turn their backs? Or, that a black vulture could kill a newborn calf? Or, that a goose could break your arm with it's wing?

One day a bird will swoop down and peck your eyes out-around then you'll also realize that my fear or birds is not irrational.

It seems I have not educated Tyson well enough on the dangers that birds possess.

The kid loves buhds (birds). He points to them in the car. He points to them in the trees. He points to them on the TV.

"Buhd, Buhd Mama! Buhd!"

So this weekend? We're watching the movie The Birds. That'll teach him.

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