Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Open Letter To Mickey Mouse

Mommy Says:

Dear Mickey,

I can call you Mickey, right? I'm under the impression that we're on a first name basis considering the overwhelming amount of time we spend together on a weekly basis. I see you every morning, you sing to me every day on the way home from work, and we say goodnight to each other each night. You are in our books, on our TV, on my son's socks, and in my son's bed.

Let me start by saying-I think you're cute and amusing. Really, I do. Actually, when we were first re-introduced a few months ago you were easily my favorite cartoon. Your music was catchy and even I found myself humming along to "Hot Dog" once and awhile. You are cute and I liked the idea of my son watching the same cartoon character I did when I was little.

But, Mickey? It's possible you may have over stayed your welcome. Your CD is beginning to get on my nerves. I'm desperately searching for new ways to make Daddy read the "Go Mickey!" book each night instead of Mommy. And, I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of "Mickey's
Clubhouse" at least twice.

So here's the deal, we're in this together for at least another year or two, right? I'll continue to watch my son's face light up each time he sees you if you can put a little into this relationship too. Try making some more episodes of "Mickey's Clubhouse." You could even throw in a little adult humor if you want. Maybe a new CD? Something besides "Hot Dog" for us to dance to every single day would be great. I'm not asking for much here....

If you keep up your end of the bargain, we may even bring Tyson to meet you one day. The way I see it, things could be worse-you could be Special Agent Oso or (gasp) Barney.



PS-Special Agent Oso is ok ( I know he's probably your friend), I just totally don't get what would happen if his special assignment takes more than 3 steps. That bear would be royally screwed.

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