Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Bucket List

Mommy Says:

Apparently Summer decided to call it quits early this year. I'd curse it, but we're trying to lay off the curse words these days. At least until we buy Tyson a pair of ear muffs.

Tyson had a few things we needed to check off his first summer bucket list still. It's a good thing we got them in over Labor Day weekend.

First, a Twins game. He'd always wanted to go see the new stadium. He'd heard great things about it from Mommy and Daddy. Last Saturday we packed up a 50 pound diaper bag (no joke) and hauled him off for his first Twins game.

Please ignore the obnoxious Mommy face. Tyson is just as embarrassed for me as you are.

He loved it and proceeded to take studious notes while we were there. I'm fairly certain we'll be coming back in a few years to watch him play for the Twins.

Next on the agenda, his first bonfire. Again-he's heard Mommy and Daddy talk about bonfires quite a bit, but never been able to stay up late enough to see one. With it getting dark earlier (sad) we had the perfect opportunity.
I know, totally framable, huh?
He liked the fire, but quickly became more interested in having Lola chase him around the yard. At least we know we're currently not raising a pyromaniac. I can cross fear #3987 off my list.
No wonder Lola loves him so much.
Alright summer-you lazy b word-bring on fall. We're ready for it.

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