Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tyson is Old and Mommy is Sad

Mommy Says:
You were totally screwed out of a post last week, so I plan on making it up with two this week. Ambitious? Maybe, but I like to set lofty goals.

Remember on Tyson's seven month birthday (and nearly every other birthday post before that) I talked about how I didn't want him to get any older. Well, he is. And he's doing so many big boy things now.
Like riding in his big boy car seat. I may have shed a tear when we put him in it-don't judge. I remember buying it before he was born and thinking,"We won't need that for a LONG time-like until he's big." Apparently he's now big.

He's also sitting. On his own. For however long he feels like it. I did not cry for this one as I was super happy to now take pictures with backgrounds other than the carpet and/or his playmat.

And walking-with help of course. BUT-he's walking!

And....(this is big folks) he's talking!!! Yep, last Thursday night as we waited for Daddy to get home I swore I heard him say Dada, Ahda, and Daddy several times. Unfortunately, he didn't show off his new found skills to Daddy when he got home and so Daddy thought Mommy was crazy and making stuff up.

And Friday he didn't talk at all. So I looked super stupid and crazy.

But on Saturday....Tyson talked all. day. long. Dada, Ahda, Daddy, Ba, and Hi. It's like he figured it out and didn't want to quit. Hopefully I'll catch the babble soon on video for everyone to hear the cuteness.
In conclusion, Tyson is no longer little. Tyson is big. Mommy is sad. Mommy is not crazy.

PS-Tyson-I'm still wallowing in the fact that your first word was not Momma. Paybacks are a bi@%$. I'm just sayin.

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