Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interview with a Daddy

In honor of Father's Day, an interview with one of the greatest Dads I know....Tyson's daddy!

Daddy Says:

1-What is your favorite part of being a Daddy?
My favorite part of being a Daddy is knowing that Tyson is a creation of our love and knowing that we will shower him with unconditional love forever.

2-How has your life changed since becoming a Daddy?
No longer do I measure success in how well I'm doing in my own life-I now measure success by how good of a job I can do in raising Tyson to be a quality person.

3-What surprises you about being a Daddy?
That I totally forgot what I did with my time before I became a Daddy. And that becoming a parent with my wife has allowed us to get even closer to each other in ways that are beyond what we had before Tyson.

4-What would you teach other new Daddies?
I would teach them that you and your wife had better have a solid relationship before having a child. No longer do you simply make concessions based on the two of you, you now have to put the child before any decision you and your wife will make. I would also tell them that although it is hard at times, you will find rewards in things that you've never thought of before, like the first time you child rolls over, smiles, laughs, babbles, puts pressure on their feet, or sits up on their own. It's all worth more than words can describe.

Tyson you have the most amazing, loving, and playful Daddy. I hope one day you look up to him as much as I look up to my Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to Tyson's Daddy, my Daddy, and all of the other Daddies out there!

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