Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seven Months

Mommy Says:

Dear Tyson,

Today you are seven months old. Daddy reminded me that you are now officially closer to one year old than you are to being a newborn baby. He always has the best news. He's right too-I hate it when he's right. I admit it, you're getting older. I love watching you learn each new thing, but sometimes find a part of me cringing with each accomplishment. You're no longer the little bundle we brought home from the hospital who relied on his Mommy for everything. There were days that I prayed for this moment and now that it's here I just want to turn back the clock and hold you for one more nap.

These days you don't like to be held for longer than five minutes. You like to kick and bounce and stand up and roll and shake your booty (seriously, I've got to post a video of this soon-it will totally embarrass you). You love to move! I'm trying to save my energy now because when you figure out how to crawl I'm certain I'll never sit down again.

You're curious, precocious, and flirtatious. Every new person we see is your instant best friend. Shy isn't in your vocabulary-you obviously get this from your Daddy.

You're teething. Bad. I feel like I could scream out and cry with you in pain. You poor, poor thing. And Mommy and Daddy have been getting up with you every day at 4 AM-us poor, poor things too.

You've moved up to level 2 foods and now get to enjoy the culinary likes of blended mac and cheese (which, seriously, eww-the smell alone is enough to make me never eat mac and cheese again). You're also dabbling in Biter Biscuits, Puffs, and Wagon Wheels which are helping you learn to feed yourself. We're pretty sure it's also a good diet plan as only half of what we give you ever ends up in your mouth. The other half is in your toes, your hair, your diaper, the floor-everywhere.

You give high fives and you wave. Seriously, you do. Remember when you were totally smart at three months because you grabbed onto your toys? You just continue to prove your high IQ level time and time again.

You're just starting to make some real baby talk-like the googoo gaga kind-not like the ahhh I can scream kind. You babble a lot and sometimes we think we can hear some actual words mixed in there.

Move it or lose it Mommy-I've got places to go, people to meet and I'm not getting any younger here.

Happy seventh month birthday little guy! You've made the last seven months the most happiest of my life. We love you lots.



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