Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No, I won't show you my uterus

Mommy Says:

Yesterday at work (while I was extremely busy and productive-Hi Boss!) I found Tyson's first ultrasound picture. This is strange and might (I said might) interest you because his first ultrasound was taken one year ago today. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

I had an ultrasound scheduled at 12 weeks to determine my due date and conduct some other prenatal tests which really didn't matter to me as I just wanted to know when I'd get to meet this baby. I pretty much assumed that at 12 weeks our baby would look like a blob, or, at best, a peanut. I told Daddy to stay home. Or go to work. Or something. I kinda figured he wouldn't care to see a blob.

Only it didn't look like a blob. Or a peanut. It looked like a baby. A baby! And then it waved at me. Seriously. His little hand fluttered across the screen. I died.

The ultrasound tech left the room at one point and I immediately called Daddy to tell him this was absolutely the most amazing thing ever. Our baby looks like a baby. Not a blob. Hope you're having fun at work. Sorry. Bye.

Then the ultrasound tech came back and gave me picture of our baby. Who didn't look like a blob. Ah-mazing. Take my word for it. Cause this is one picture I'm not sharing. Really, I'm not. I've got an issue with ultrasound pictures.

The day after our first ultrasound, Daddy was so excited about our non-blob that he took the pictures and sent them out to his entire softball team. This is creepy because it's not just a picture of our baby, but also a picture of my uterus. I prefer to share my uterus with my baby, my husband, and maybe a sneak peek to immediate family members. Only. Definitely not to the entire softball team.

I may have said a few choice words to Daddy after the email went out. In a nice tone, obviously.

Also, I don't want to share my uterus with the Internet. Too bad you're not on Daddy's softball team, huh? Or maybe, thank God you're not on Daddy's softball team. Depends on how you look at it.

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