Monday, April 12, 2010

You Guys Really Need To Have That Baby

Mommy Says:

Remember the last post? The one where you all were jealous of my ridiculously cute pictures? I'm about to post something that no one will be jealous of. No one.

Daddy took this picture on October 4th. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and not cute and had like 10 chins. It's ok, I admit it.

This picture prompted many people to say, " You guys really need to have that baby." I had previously convinced myself that the comment was because we were pathetic and took our dog to the park. And down the slide. Now, however, I think the comments were partly due to how pathetic we were, but mostly because of how horrible I looked.

In any case, this weekend we made up for it. Kinda.

We took a baby to the park. The dog was there too, but only Tyson went down the slide.

And I happened to look a little bit better too. Only a little. Baby steps.

To further make up for posting the ugly picture, here are the rest of the pictures from Tyson's first trip to the park.

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