Monday, April 5, 2010

5 Months is Too Old

Mommy Says:

Hey Buddy,

You're 5 months old today. Can you believe it? Neither can we.

At some point this month, I realized you're no longer a newborn. I know you probably think you grew out of the newborn stage around month 3, but it's taken me awhile to come to grips with it. I'm in denial-it's what moms do.

You're a baby now. A baby! And a happy baby at that. You smile and laugh constantly. Most of the time we think you're laughing with us and not at us, but who knows. We 're pretty sure you've already learned the value of your smile and laugh too. A grin can can get you far. The belly laugh could pretty much get Mommy and Daddy to buy you a pony if you wanted one.

You're a little dare devil-you love airplane rides and "crashing" the plane is hilarious. You love to sit up high on Daddy's shoulders or let him toss you in the air (I promise it's not as child endangermenty as it sounds). Anything that is faster or higher is right up your alley.

You're dying to be independent. Every time we lay you down you try really hard to sit back up. Yep, I said SIT. You're going to be independently sitting in no time. That scares me. You're also getting the hang of this whole rolling over thing. You laugh in the face of tummy time now.

You're starting to really know who Mommy and Daddy are. Sometimes you cry when other people hold you or talk to you. I know we're probably supposed to not like that behavior, but I secretly like it. A lot.

In 152 days AB (after birth/belly) you've proven yourself to be a pretty cool little dude. We've only got one problem-you keep growing up. And fast to boot. I've got pictures to prove it.



See? It's like you've doubled your birth weight in 5 months. Only it's not just like you doubled your birth weight, you actually did. If you could maybe scale back the whole I'm getting big fast thing ,that would be awesome. Mmmkay?

We love you little buddy.


Mommy and Daddy

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