Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 Months

Mommy and Daddy Say:

Dear Tyson,

Today you're 4 months old! Can you believe it? Neither can we. Where has the time gone? It really does seem like just yesterday we were blindly stumbling through life with a newborn-surviving on caffeine and prayers for your sleep-oh wait...that was just yesterday. Seriously, kid, could you figure out this sleep thing soon? Mommy and Daddy need some good rest.

But I digress...what a month it's been! You've been such a busy guy. As you no longer resemble a bobble head, you decided to try out all of your new toys. You LOVE your Excersaucer and your Johnny Jump Up. And, as a result, our house now officially looks like it pukes baby toys.

Look at your concerned face in both of these pictures. Are you worried because our house is sick and puking baby toys?

You talk! Oh, do you talk...You are finding your voice more and more each day. Coos and gees and ahhs and everything else that is equally important to tell us. We think you'll be quite the talker like Daddy, but your voice may (fingers crossed) be quiet like Mommy's.

You laugh! Your sense of humor is very particular these days. Mommy sneezing is hilarious. You die. It's also funny when Daddy throws you in the air (please don't call CPS-I swear you would do it too if you could hear how cute that little laugh is). It's no longer funny when we tickle you OR play peek-a-boo OR blow raspberries on your tummy-no matter how long and hard Mommy tries.

You play with toys! The three month old grabbing has advanced to four month old holding onto and shaking. Again, we're convinced that this is very advanced and a sure sign of your capability to make it as a professional athlete some day.

You roll...from side to side! Still not rolling over all the way yet, but we swear it will be soon. You've perfected the art of rolling from side to side and we're beginning to think you may not follow the norm and roll front to back before rolling back to front.

You survived two different weeks with Mommy as a Single Mommy! The more important part here is Mommy survived two weeks as a Single Mommy. Daddy had to travel for the first time since you were born and he had the nerve to do it two weeks in a row. Thankfully we had lots of help from Grandma.
Dude, if it wasn't for Grandma you totally might not have made it past your 3rd month.

Tyson, with every month that passes we find it harder and harder to remember what our life was like without you in it-and that's a good thing. In fact, it's a GREAT thing. It's impossible to have a bad day when we spend it with you. You make us smile every single day.

Because, really, how could you not smile at that face?

Happy 4 month birthday little guy! We love you lots.

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