Friday, March 12, 2010

It's bad if your kid's first word is fv*k right?

Mommy Says:

Prior to Daddy's job as the Candyman, he owned a construction company. And, as it turns out, construction companies really do live up to some of their stereotypes. Lots of junk food was eaten on the job, Mountain Dew was a staple, and foul mouthed men came with the territory.

I blame the construction company for Daddy's love of Nacho Cheese Doritos and for his potty mouth.

The potty mouth didn't really bother me when I first met Daddy. I mean maybe it did at first, but I gradually warmed up to the four letter words. I may have even adopted some into my own vocabulary. I may have even just said one at Daddy while I was writing this blog.

That's probably why the swearing never really bothered me until NOW. Until this.

Tyson's talking. Lots. And he's started to mimic us. (It's an obvious sign of his high IQ.) We stick out our tongue, he does. We blow raspberries, he does. We say fv*k, he does. Well....not yet, but, seriously, SERIOUSLY-this could happen kids. In like seven more months. Which is freakishly soon. And fv*k is really not that difficult to get out. Pretty similar to DaDa, MaMa or Baba-in fact easier as it only has one syllable. Much easier.

Which is why we're working on our pottymouthiness-because, fv*k just isn't as cute as MaMa.

PS-I attempted to take the video of him cooing this morning and got this one instead. What's awesome is I've always wanted a video of Daddy burping and Tyson spitting up. In unison. What more could a girl ask for?

PPS-Why must I sound like a drunk fourth grader in all of the videos we take?

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