Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mila's First Haircut

The little curl that trailed down her neck had been there since birth-soft, fine and wispy. For the last two years, it has wrapped tightly around my finger each night as I stroked her hair before bed. As time passed, the little curl grew even smaller. And softer and finer.

Last week we cut that little curl off.

It was time. And even though I knew it was time, I was worried there would be tears and apprehension.

After warming up to the idea of someone other than Mommy playing with her hair, Mila enjoyed her first trip to the salon. Of course, when it includes suckers and watching Frozen there's really not much for a two year old NOT to love.

She thinks her haircut is "Blue-ti-fow!"

And, despite the photographic evidence that proves otherwise, there were still a few tears of apprehension. I just didn't take a picture of myself tearing up at the first snip.

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  1. wow, she is such a well behaved girl. My son would cry out loud for the whole session.