Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daddy's Birthday

Last week we celebrated one of my favorite days of the year-Daddy's birthday.

I realize I should say it's my favorite day of the year because he's my husband and I love him dearly. Or because he's the father of my kids-and an amazing one at that. Or because he's my best friend who makes me laugh and holds my hand when I cry.

All true.

But, honestly?

It's my favorite day of the year because for the next month I get to claim being two years younger than him. It's like he's robbing the cradle.

This year, I left the kids in charge of Daddy's presents. Which means I took them to the Dollar Tree, gave them free reign of the store and told them to go wild.

The results were priceless. Daddy's present consisted of:

1) Work gloves-" Because Daddy works." Obviously.
2) Nacho Cheese Doritos-his favorite chips.
3) A non-working flashlight.
4) Silly string-which I suspect was more for Tyson than for Daddy.
5) A juice glass for, "Daddy's beer."
6) A 300 piece puzzle with birdhouses on it.
7) Speakers for his phone-when tested, the phone was actually louder without the speakers in.
8) Dull razors.

Let me just say, Daddy was impressed. 34 was a big year for him.

Did I mention I'm 32?

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy around!

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