Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Birthday Party Fit for a Princess

Me: "Mimi, what kind of birthday party do you want to have?"
Mimi: "Cake."
Me: "But what kind of birthday, honey? What kind of cake?"
Mimi: "CAKE!"

Rinse and repeat for at least ten conversations. Girlfriend likes her cake.

We settled on a Princess party. I realize I'll likely be throwing a similar themed party for the next eight years of my life, but it's ok. I kinda like Princesses.

Especially this one:


Thanks to Pinterest, I spent way too much time crafting up a Princess storm.

Thanks to my husband, we sent each and every kid home with an intense sugar high. For the record, candy buffets, piƱatas and toddlers don't mix well.


Thanks to our friends and family, this little girl had one amazing day.


And lots and lots of cake.

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  1. I love her tutu! Happy birthday little princess,