Friday, January 3, 2014

Santa 2013-The Year Without Tears

For four years now I have dressed my kids in their holiday best and stood in line for over an hour to subject them to the terror that is Santa Claus.

Each year has yielded at least one screaming kid, two crabby parents and a hilarious, but ridiculously spendy picture to display on our mantle.




I'll be honest-a tiny part of me was convinced that Santa was secretly pinching my kids while they sat on his lap.

This year, I was determined to obtain our first ever cry-free Santa picture. Mostly because I was sick of paying for a picture of my screaming kids. I see enough of that for free around here.

I booked an appointment at the Santa Experience at the Mall of America. They promised an appointment with minimal time waiting in line and a Santa that would play on the ground with your kids to obtain a picture and experience that the kids felt comfortable in. They had me at minimal time waiting in line and sold me with someone else playing on the floor with my kids.

On the day of our appointment, Mila woke up with an eczema flare and Tyson woke up with a cold.

Being the good Mommy that I am, I forged on anyways.

Mila yelled the entire way to the mall that Santa says, "Ohh! Ohh! Monkey!" while Tyson asked approximately nine hundred questions about Santa and his elves.  There really should be a parent instruction guide for Santa because I have no idea what Santa's elves wear to bed or what Santa likes to eat when he's not on the sleigh.

We waited in line for less than ten minutes before we were greeted by Santa. As advertised, he was laying on the ground waiting to play with my kids (which sounds much creepier when I write it a second time). Mila was a little hesitant, but quickly warmed up. Tyson informed him he wanted a train and Mila answered yes when asked if she wanted a doll, or a Dora, or a baby.

After ten minutes of talking, the moment of truth came.....

I now have a ridiculously spendy picture of both of my kids smiling with Santa displayed on our mantle.

A tiny part of me is convinced that the lack of tears is because Santa couldn't reach up to pinch them.

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