Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Year Letter

Little Mimi,

Today you are ONE!  (gulp)

I’m still not even sure how this is possible. It feels like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time, and yet, I have a hard time remembering what our life was like without you in it.

365 days ago we welcomed you into our family with open arms not knowing how perfectly you would fit in them. You are the laid back baby I had dreamed about and prayed for. The yin to Tyson’s yang, if you will. You can roll with the punches and fall asleep pretty much anywhere. You don’t need a schedule or a routine despite my overzealous attempts to get you on one. You are contagiously happy and never want to miss the party-nap time be damned. You are all girl-you notice everything “petty” and squeal when you see babies.  You are determined and smart and can play independently (teach Tyson how to do this, pretty please!) You are sweet and loving and affectionate.

You’ve already given me so much in your first year-You have made me a more relaxed Mommy. You have taught me that I don’t always need a schedule. You have shown me how to have more fun. You make me smile and laugh daily. You’ve given me confidence.  I can only hope that someday I will give these back to you tenfold.

Today will be a bittersweet day for me. As much as I know that watching you grow and learn in the coming years will be amazing, I’m desperately struggling to hold on to these baby days. Someday, all too soon, I realize I won’t remember what it felt like to rock you back to sleep or how you feel propped up on my hip. I’ll forget that, because you love us both equally, you say “mum-mum” for Me and also for food. Or how your first steps were more like a confident swagger. I’ve already forgotten what nursing felt like. And, as much as I try to, I can’t even remember your newborn smell. Realizing that these moments are just that- literal moments- is absolutely terrifying.


That said, today, I realize I need to live in this moment. Embracing you as my one year old little girl. My beautiful, independent, happy, easy-going, confident, and determined one year old little girl who I love with my whole heart.

Happy 1st Birthday, Mila!

I love you,


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